Friday, March 1, 2013

A Bug

Yesterday Zach was all smiles when I picked him up from school. After we got home he started complaining that his head hurt. I know he doesn't feel well when I see this...
 Colson was so sweet and snuggled up right next to him!

The stomach bug hit Zach around 1 am and we were all up throughout the night until he finally ended up in our bed. Bless him! So he stayed home from school today.
 It was a nice day to stay inside! I cleaned out drawers and organized cabinets. ; ) He perked up quite a bit and played with little brother.
 Then more of this. ; ) Colson kept saying, "I sick!" even though he's not (I'm crossing my fingers it stays this way). I did get them out once this afternoon to get smoothies and drive by Reese's garden.
It's been an eventful day! Ha. Gran and G-Daddy came up this weekend, and at least seeing them got a smile out of Zach.

Happy March!

Show me a sign of Your goodness...You, Lord, have helped and comforted me.

Psalm 86:17


Maryellen said...

Hope Zach feels better soon.
Colson kills me.
He is a character.
So sweet that he laid along side his brother.

Lauren said...

Boo, the stomach bug is no fun! Bless his heart Praying the rest of your house stays healthy! Parker had it a couple of weeks ago and James and I managed to escape it. Happy Saturday!

Melanie Mueller said...

Poor guy! Prayers that no one else gets it and Zach is 100% soon!!!

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