Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wild Man

Zach LOVES his new sunglasses that Gigi and Papa bought him in Florida. We even likes to wear them which really surprises me! He usually just throws things he likes. ; )

He enjoys putting things into empty containers or cups and then pulling them out. I handed him an empty kleenex box, and he went right to work putting some cars in it.

Is he cute or what!?

Lately Zach and I have spent a lot of fun times with friends and family (while Jason has been working hard...proud of you, babe!). We went swimming last week with our friends Kate and Norah. Zach is six months older than Norah. Her face was hilarious as Zach splashed and threw ducks everywhere.

I think Zach may have splashed Norah out of the pool. ; )

Swimming fun

Saturday morning we went to the lake, and Zach tubed with Jason. He has done this once before, and I still can't believe he likes it (since he is so young)! He is just fearless. I think Jason just wants Zach to get used to the water before he teaches him to wakeboard. ; )

Zach and Pappy "reading"

We also took a little trip to see my parents and Jason's parents. It may be the last time before Reese is born! Crazy thought.

One night Benjamin came over to play with Zach. They are SO cute, and I love seeing them together. Z was a little wild, but Benjamin didn't seem to mind.

G-Daddy and Zach

Zach loves saying "G-G-G-G-G-Dadda" or something like this. It's hilarious! Now if only he would say his other grandparents' names.

On our way home, Zach and I dropped by my Dad's work to say goodbye. Zach was entertained by Pappy spinning him around in a chair. Of course, he also had a cracker in his hand!

Do it again, Pappy!

He's thinking, "Are you for real!?"
Zach is growing up so quickly, but he is still a baby in some ways. I can't believe we'll have a newborn in about seven weeks! I'm sure Zach will look like such a big boy compared to Reese. I'm excited but nervous at the same time about how in the world I'm going to juggle two kids!?
For now I'm taking it one day at a time enjoying my little son and loving planning for Reese's arrival!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Random Summer Post

** If you are interested in what Zach was up to while I was in the hospital and recovering, he was on vacation living it up! Check out Shannon's blog for some cutie patootie Florida pics. ; )

Zach having some summer fun

This is what we have been up to this past week. I can easily sit and watch him, and he is happy playing. Zach LOVES to be outside! He is eating an orange and playing with the waterhose on this sunny summer day.

We celebrated Father's Day with my side of the family at the lake. Over the past few weeks, it gave me something fun to look forward to, and we had a wonderful time! I love watching all the cousins play.

Pappy & Zach

Zach following the ducks

Zach also LOVES ducks. He points them out in any book or picture he sees. He says, "Duck duck!" It's cute.

Bunny, Mandy, and Abby

Zach & me

Meredith & Garrett

Bo & Abby

Pappy & Allie

Zach eating ice...he loves to be in the driver's seat!

My Mom and I sat on the shore with Z and G hoping they would take a nap Saturday afternoon. They eventually did, but they also enjoyed playing and talking while they were in their pack and plays. It was adorable! They will be close buddies.

All tuckered out

Mmm...I wonder what's in here.

Zach and Abby bonding

My serious little man...I wonder what he is thinking?

Fam pic!

Pappy & Bunny with their grandkids

I love taking pics like this because they always turn out so crazy!

Happy Father's Day!!

Jason is the best Dad I could ask for for Zach and soon-to-be Reese. Zach LOVES his Daddy and calls his name all the time. I am so proud of the father Jason has become. His Dad set a wonderful example for him (and still does)!

My own Dad is amazing! He's smart, tender-hearted, loving, forgiving, and funny. He has always been there for me. I have some very special men in my life!

Jason and I also celebrated our anniversary this week. SEVEN years! We have been together a total of thirteen years, and I still learn new things about him. We have grown up together in many ways. We are not only in love, we're best friends.

I guess it's never too early to train Zach to mow our lawn. ; ) Zach loves anything with motors, and he climbed right up this mower when it arrived this week.

He kept looking at us with this serious face making the noise "Vroom vroom!"

The only thing sad about this post is that a sweet friend in my Bible study is moving away. We had a little party in her honor. I'm happy for her, but sad to know I won't be seeing her every week!

I also had an ultrasound this week, and Reese is already measuring right on schedule with my due date. My doctor was amazed, and we are so grateful. I thought it would take her longer to grow to get where she needed to be. Only two more months! Thanks again for all of your prayers for us!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feelin' Good

Hello! I can't thank you enough for all of your prayers, encouragement, and sweet comments!

A few updates ~

*My neurologist told me I would have a slow recovery, removed my PICC line, and said to come back in four months. He spent plenty of time with us and answered all of my questions as well. Overall, a good report!

*My ob doctor said that Reese is measuring small but thinks she will catch up over the next nine weeks. She wants to see me every two weeks now and will do a few more ultrasounds to watch her. She didn't seem overly concerned, so I am relieved!

We have been well taken care of since we've been back home. Our amazing connection group and other friends have provided us meals. I still haven't been to the grocery store which is huge for me. Jason went to buy milk, but that's it.

It's been more difficult that I thought it would be adjusting back to being a mom to Zach and just "life" in general. Last week was difficult, but this week is so much better. I guess I was more frustrated than anything at feeling so weak. I wanted and needed to do so many things! I feel stronger every day and more and more like myself. I am so thankful that Reese is still inside me growing, and I am out of the hospital. It could have been so much worse.

GOD used and is using your prayers to carry me along. I praise GOD for answered prayers!

I am taking up some offers to help me with Zach the next two mornings. I am so excited! He will be well taken care of so that I actually get out! I'm ready, but I will definitely be driving slowly. ; )

A little comic relief for the day...Zach tried to eat a beetle! It was a "freak out" moment for me and probably the first of many concerning Zach. I think I scared him more than him actually eating the bug because I screamed at the top of my lungs...several times. Oops. I am trying to learn my lesson of staying calm in circumstances like this. I consider myself a pretty tough woman, BUT I CANNOT do any "crunchy" type bugs. They petrify me.

After asking Jesus to HELP ME, I somehow was able to get the squished beetle out of Zach's mouth with a paper towel and throw it on the floor. After I calmed him down, I called my pediatrician to ask if beetles were poisonous. Her secretary only laughed at me which honestly I was so glad to hear. She calmed me down, and Zach and I went on about our day. I didn't know if we were going to have another ER visit or what!

I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just Another ER Visit

FOUR to be exact in less than two years. This used to be a joke between Jason and me...not anymore!

If you're interested, this is the story of my roller coaster ride that began Wednesday, May 20th. Hopefully this will give you all some clarity. I'm sure I'll leave a few things out, but at least you'll see from my viewpoint what I went through.

Wednesday, May 20th ~ dull headache

Thursday, May 21st ~ on and off dull headache all day

Jason's 30th birthday was May 25th, so I planned with Shannon for Zach to spend the night with Cody and her so I could surprise Jason. I wanted to take him out to eat and also have a fun night out to ourselves.

I barely made it home from taking Z to S and C's Thursday night. I began running into counters, being very clumsy, and just didn't have motor control over my limbs. I told Jason a few times, "Something is just not right." He offered to take me to the hospital a few times, but I didn't think I had reached that point yet.

We went to Shogun's for dinner with me fumbling around trying to eat. I was just thankful to be sitting down! On the way home I called my Dad, and he thought it was the medicine I had taken for my headache. I do have a tendency to forget to read the medicine bottle labels on how many pills I should take!

Friday, May 22nd ~ I woke up with no feeling or movement in my right arm, and I could barely move.

I called my sis in law Meredith who immediately called her hubs (my brother). They suggested I go to my OB doc first (since at this point I was 6 months pregnant). My Dad also called to check on me. I simply said, "Something is wrong."

I called my OB, and they told me to come in ASAP. Shannon brought Z over to watch him at our house (THANK YOU!!!), and Jason came home to take me to see the OB doc who was working (he just happened to be my OB's husband, so this worked well for me). ; ) It's not like I cared at this point!

I struggle to the car, Jason drives us to the OB's office, and he immediately sees me. After he examines me he refers me to a neurologist at a local ER. Jason and I haul it to the ER where they meet us at the car with a gurney. We have never been seen so quickly in an ER!

At this point, my head is about to explode, and my right arm is still useless. I braved through several questions, tests, and an MRI (with a mask). Jason and I are still not yet really worried. He has called our parents who were waiting to see what's best for them to do. Thank you, Jesus, for our parents!!
Still Friday, May 22nd ~We begin to worry. The ER doc came in and told us she had seen activity on my MRI that lead her her believe that I was eclamptic. She said she was admitting me immediately, and I wasn't going to be leaving until Reese was born.
Jason and I just looked at each other, and I had my Breakdown #1. I was thinking, "ARE YOU CRAZY? I have an 18 month old. Who will take care of him? I have looked forward to this summer all winter and spring! We have plans. I have so much to do! I have to spend time alone with him before he has a baby sister..." So many things like this ran through my mind.
I called my Mom, and she loses it while saying, "It's going to be ok. Trish and I will take care of Zach. Don't worry." My Mom never cries, so I knew she was really upset.
A little while later the ER doc comes back in to say that my OB has requested I be medflighted to UAMS in LR because there was a maternal expert that could also work with us while we were there since I was pregnant.
I really was ok at this point. I know it was the prayers beginning! I think Jason was worried enough for both of us, too, bless his heart. I sure have brought some drama to his life. ; ) A few friends had also come by to pray with us, Jason's parents had made it to Fayetteville to help with Zach and check on us, and my parents were ready to meet us in LR at UAMS.
Friday night, May 22nd ~ A helicopter flies me from Washington Regional to UAMS. Jason, Zach, and his parents drive to LR. My parents meet me at UAMS where I am taken to the ICU for further testing. It was a very late night.
Saturday, May 23rd ~ I am in and out most of the day, but when I saw my parents, Faber, Meredith, and Mandy crying by my bed I absolutely knew this was serious and something was wrong. I didn't know what though, and I was in so much pain I didn't care if GOD took me to Heaven!
Sunday, May 24th - Wednesday, May 27th
Dr. Keyrouz was my neurology doctor, and he was wonderful! I also had an infectious disease doctor, ob doctor, and countless nurses check on me all week. We found out that I was only the second or third pregnant woman they had ever seen with my condition. I was determined to have Encephalomyelitis.
This means that my brain swelled from a virus causing my severe headache and immoble right arm. Thankfully, throughout the week my headache improves, and I begin moving my right arm.

Thursday, May 28th - Saturday, May 30th
I turn a corner and actually began to feel the meds work. There was so much they could not give me because of Reese so I did not feel that much relief and begged for meds most of the time.
Since the Saturday I was admitted my Mom stayed every night with me! Jason, my Dad, Jason's fam, and several friends visited us in the hospital every day all week. Some I remember, and some I don't, but I am still so grateful they took the time to come. I think what kept them laughing was how stubborn, sassy, and bossy I had gotten to be with the doctors and nurses.
Saturday, May 30th ~ Saturday, June 6th
I came to my parents' house last Saturday! What a great wonderful hard day. I was so happy to be out of the hospital bed and somewhere familiar. I hadn't been outside in over a week so it was a bit overwhelming at times.
Zach goes to Destin with Jason's fam, so their fun was just beginning. They had a wonderful week from what I've heard! I'm so glad.
Yesterday I went to see Dr. Keyrouz again for a check-up. He said it was still early, but I had made good strides. He also took out my PICC line. He seemed pleased with my progress, and I go back to see him in several months for (hopefully) the last time.
Our plan is to go to our "real" home tomorrow. Jason has kept busy working in the LR office a few days this week, but he's ready to get home. Zach also gets back tonight, and I am SO ready to see that little guy!
My Mom, Dad, and Jason have nursed me back to health all week in LR. I've gone from having a very small appetite, not walking on my own, and sleeping most of the day to eating much better, walking around by myself, and sleeping only at night. Slow but certain progress!

Sweet stories continue to unfold each day. I actually remember telling Jason, "Happy Birthday!" on his actual birthday. I had wanted to remember so badly, so I know that only the LORD could have done that...especially since I was so out of it, and I don't remember anything else about that day!

Bless your heart for staying with me this long! Again, this may not all be entirely correct, but I lived it so it's what I remember and the best way I know how to explain. Shannon has plenty of daily updates on her blog while I was in the hospital if you are interested in reading more details. Some aren't pretty!

Thank you again and again for carrying me through this ordeal with your prayers. I know GOD has a reason whether He ever reveals it to me or not. I know He is good. I know I have amazing family and friends. I know He used modern medicine to save my life. I know I'm ready to get back to feeling like myself!

Good to be Home

Well, at least it's good to be in my parents' home! I left the hospital last Saturday, and Jason and my parents have been taking care of me all week. I don't know what I would have done without them. They had done everything for me.


THANK YOU ALL THANK YOU THANK YOU all for your prayers, encouragement, calls, texts, emails, food, baskets, and visits! I am truly humbled and grateful and still don't realize if all this has hit me yet.

I know my sister, both sis in laws, and some friends posted updates on their blogs and asked their friends to pray. The connections on blogland have been so incredible!

As horrible as life got for me two weeks ago, I can't imagine if you all had not been praying for my family, Reese, and me. By the way, if you stop by Shannon's blog you'll notice Zach is having the time of his life in Destin with Jason's family. He's clueless and happy. ; )

This week I looked into my journal to see if there was any encouragement the LORD gave me ahead of time to look back on and draw strength from. ; ) On May 15, I wrote these two verses into my entry ~
"...I am more than victorious through Him who loved me."
Romans 8:37
"You will be delivered by returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence."
Isaiah 30:15
I have been repeating these verses to myself because I feel very weak. It makes me NEVER want to complain about having a "regular" day again. My health and energy are such gifts!

It's going to be a slow recovery. I make progress every day, but all I can really do is walk by myself. I go to the doctor this afternoon, and hopefully he will take out my PICC line. This is an IV that Jason and my dad have been putting meds and saline into this week that I still need.

Praise the LORD Reese is great! The nurses and doctors checked on her several times daily to make sure she was right on track. I've seven months pregnant today. Wow.
I'm going to type out my entire story and alot of my feelings if you're interested soon. ; ) Right now I'll leave you with some pictures of some goodies you have sent, plus a few of my arms.
My PICC line
I know it's strange, but I just have this thing with my arms and how many times people at ANY hospital have to poke me to get an IV going. PLEASE do not take any offense if you do this at your work. I kiss the feet of anyone who can actually get an IV in. ; )
The first time I arrived at UAMS in LR it took them seven times to get the IV in. Breakdown #2 for me (and we had a wonderful experience at this hospital).
This is my other arm which just has alot of healing bruises on it.
GOD is working and again reminds me that I have absolutely no control. He has full say of what happens in my life.
Thank you again for your concern and prayers. The body of Christ is amazing!
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