Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

It was more like an Easter egg mud hunt. ; ) Saturday we took the boys to our church's first ever helicopter egg drop. It stormed all Friday night but stopped an hour or so before the hunt started yesterday morning.
We met in the sanctuary first to see a magician. Colson and Wyatt were so cute sitting together. 
The older brother best buds
I am so happy my parents spent the weekend with us! We loved having them and especially my mom's cooking. ; ) See the field behind them? Oh yes that's where the hunt was.
Colson only got one egg in his bucket. Ha!

After the hunt we celebrated Trish's birthday. Happy birthday, Gran!
This girl is always all smiles.
So glad Gran and G-Dad brought Papa and Gigi for the day. Lots to celebrate this weekend!

I will give You thanks, for You answered me;
    You have become my salvation.

Psalm 118:21

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

I will definitely show pictures when more progress happens with the rooms. I'm glad you liked everything! We are having Zach's room painted in a few weeks so we will also have the shelves, desk and window seats painted our trim color. 

Love these pictures of the boys.
 They were making big plans under this blanket. ; )
This weekend we focus on Jesus' death and celebrate His resurrection. Tonight we went to a Good Friday service at our church. It was very powerful. The music and the message. The truth of what Jesus went through on the cross for you and me.

Tonight our pastor said, "Jesus turned into every wrong you will ever commit." Wow.

It's fun to have cute spring clothes for the boys and dye eggs and go to egg hunts, but none of those things last or satisfy for long. Jesus died for you and me and rose again. This is what Easter is about. He's alive. He's my hope. The reason I know I will see Reese again and spend eternity in Heaven. 

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives, all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living just because He lives!

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating the cross!

For He Himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility...

Ephesians 2:14

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zach's Room #1

I have a feeling I'll be sharing a lot about Zach's room projects so I'll keep the post titles easy. ; )
 This is how our garage looked this past weekend. Project central!
Getting started on Zach's window seat
It's really long! We thought about doing a desk with the window seat, but I'm glad we separated them.
We added beadboard to the front rectangles just like the office window seat.
The desk was the last thing Cam and Jason started, and it was definitely the most detailed! Jason wasn't sure about this at all, but I convinced him. ; ) I love how it turned out.
Working on the drawer
My hot hubby
The boys entertained themselves with a "boat" this weekend. Zach's old crib bumpers. ; )

I will repay you for the years the locusts have eatenthe great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm...

Joel 2:25

Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Weekend

Oh my goodness I'm so excited about all the projects we Jason and my amazing father-in-law did this weekend! Trish and I did work hard keeping the boys entertained. That alone can be exhausting. ; ) 

I've been wanting to add a window seat, desk and shelves to Zach's room for about a year. Then I thought it would be great to add a window seat and shelves in Jason's office. Why not?

Jason and Cam worked ALL weekend long. So thankful for my in laws and so proud of Jason!
They started in the office.
Storage bench with a hinged top
Beadboard on the front three rectangles
Trish and I painted primer on the office window seat and closet shelves.
Love this pic of our boys and Gran!

I'll share Zach's room next. Hope ya'll had a good weekend!

The one who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.

1 Thessalonians 5:24

Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Day of Spring

And it snows! Ha.
 Last night our friends Mollie and Steven came over for dinner. They have a daughter Caroline who is 20 months, and she didn't quite know what to think about the boys. It didn't take her long though and she was riding around on the plasma car for a little bit. ; )
Zach and Kohen went to tennis camp again today, and little Wyatt came over to play with Colson.

They are getting too big!
So thankful for these precious friends (and their mom and dad)!

A few weeks ago we had a guest preacher at our church, and he said something that has stayed with me. It's nothing really new, but I loved the way he put it. He said, "Are you still praying for something? Something small? Keep praying. Don't give up. It's important to God. He is listening."

I hope this encourages you, too!

I pour out my complaints before Him and tell Him all my troubles.

Psalm 142:2

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So Far...

Spring break is going good.

Zach went to his tennis camp with Kohen today, and they move around so fast it's hard for me to get a picture! I'll keep trying.

This afternoon our house got really quiet. Colson had been playing in different rooms, but this is what I found when I went in his room to check on him. ; ) 
Sweetest thing. He refuses to say he is tired or take a nap in his crib, but he'll cuddle up to his lamb and fall asleep on the floor. Ha! Zach could hardly stand it because he wanted to play with him.

Lately Cols says, "Come to ME!" with his arms up in the air when he wants me to hold him. I'm soaking it all in while I can. ; )
Tonight we took lasagna to our neighbor. She had a four wheeler accident and is pretty sore and bruised. She is one tough cookie, so hopefully she'll be on the mend soon.

Life is pretty normal around here, and I like it. ; )

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Thank you for your sweet words about Reese! I don't know why sometimes I hesitate to share my heart about her because I don't want to. The LORD has given me such joy and filled my life with boy craziness. I'm certain He gave us such busy boys to keep me going.

It was so nice to have a weekend at home and so nice to have Jason back! He was gone five days last week, and we definitely missed Daddy.   ; )
 Yesterday was beautiful, and the boys played outside a lot and ate lots of popsicles, too. My kitchen floors are already sticky. Definitely a sign of spring and summer. ; )
Colson amazes me more and more each day. Tonight he was talking about rectangles and ovals. What in the world?
It's spring break this week, which doesn't mean a whole lot. Zach is going to tennis camp for a fews days, but that's it. I just hope the boys don't drive each other crazy. ; )

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.

Psalm 19:14

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few Reese Stories

These boys mean the world to me. I'm so glad GOD gave them to us. They make me want to be the best mom I can be!
I blog about them all the time, but tonight I wanted to share a few things about their sister Reese. I also want to look back one day and see how GOD continues to work through her life.

*A mom emailed to share about her son Parker who went to Heaven in her arms just like Reese did...

"He was so peaceful and went to heaven to be with all the other angels who are already there.

I just wanted you to know that as this was happening I was telling him that he was ok and that there were other angels there waiting to take care of him. While I've never met you, I wanted you to know I told him Reese was one of the angels he should find and that she would take care of him and become one of his friends. 

I can only hope that your little girl has been taking care of Parker since he arrived with the Lord. I have several other friends/family/blogs I have read of people that have lost babies. I told Parker about all of them. I can imagine all of these little angels up there having the best of times together!"  

*One of Reese's NICU nurses emailed to tell me about our local March for Babies this spring. 

"I am a NICU nurse at Willow Creek and had the honor 
of taking care of your sweet Reese while she was there. I stumbled on your blog shortly after she passed and have been a follower ever since! I love seeing the things you do in honor of Reese and we always enjoy 
passing out the adorable headbands and bows... I have been a NICU nurse for 10 years now and Reese's story has touched me like      none other. I was so honored to have met her and be given the    opportunity to take care of her."  

Her words immediately brought me to tears because not many people met or held Reese. To think how a stranger cared for her, touched her, and loved on her just makes me want to be around her because of her connection with Reese.

*Last week a woman at the gym came up to me and asked how I had met a mutual friend of ours. I don't know her very well, but she's so sweet. She immediately started crying and apologized for something she said to me last summer. She had recently found out about Reese and remembered (jokingly) asking me months ago if I wanted all the girls she was taking care of (her daughters and her nieces).

I couldn't believe it. That she would be so sensitive and remember such a small in passing comment to me. I assured her she hadn't hurt my feelings because I would have loved to take the girls!

She was truly upset, and her thoughtfulness blessed me so much. It amazes me how kind-hearted people are!

All of these stories are very different but each includes Reese. They remind me of GOD's faithfulness and His goodness. His timing is perfect!

I will sing the LORD's praise, for He has been good to me.

Psalm 13:6

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Favorite Frog

I am LOVING these longer days! Colson went to bed tonight at 6:30, and it was bright and sunny. ; ) He was wiped out. 

Have ya'll seen The Bible on the History channel? I watched it for the first time last night, and it was wonderful! So amazing to see the stories that I base my faith on come to "real life."
Zach drew this little guy, and when I asked what it was he said confidently, "A frog!" Of course. I love how he knows just what he draws and whenever he tells me what things are I totally see it!

I don't really like frogs, but this has to be the cutest one I've ever seen. ; )

He will keep in perfect peace the mind that is dependent on You, for it is trusting in You.

Isaiah 26:3

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sugar Sugar

We've had a full past few days!
 Yesterday Colson hurt his foot at the Monkey House. It's a new bounce house place we tried out with some friends. He actually propped his foot up with the "boo boo ducky" for at least thirty minutes! The he hopped up and said it was all better. He's still limping a little bit today though. Sweet boy.
 And look who's driving? This afternoon the boys were playing outside. Zach came inside with Chance our neighbor, but I still heard his jeep in the driveway. I looked outside to see Colson hop in the driver's seat and take off! It was crazy.
 Today was Zach's bestie Kohen's birthday party. Isn't this cake amazing? I can't believe this is the only picture I took! I guess I was too busy with the boys bowling, doing laser tag, and playing games. ; )
We took him some rocket ship cookies tonight to continue the celebration. Of course sugar was the last thing our boys needed, but they were fun and SO delicious. ; )

Hope you had a great Saturday!

But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in You.

Psalm 39:7

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

Well, Colson fell off the swing face first at school again.
 Bless his heart he has a big ol' knot on his forehead.
Brave boy! His teacher told me he wanted to get right back on after he fell.
You can tell he's really upset about it. ; )

She who has believed is blessed because what was spoken to her by the LORD will be fulfilled!

Luke 1:45

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Colson Says

I just love Colson's little language. I wanted to write some of his words here so I can remember. ; ) I hear them a lot.

Amon Mom - Come on, Mom!
Rock a Mint - Rock a minute (at night)
Blanklets - Blankets
Chicken Nucks - Chicken Nuggets
Chick-a-Fa - Chic-Fil-A
Libary - Library

Lately the boys have been really picky eaters, so we've started eating in the "drive through." This means they drive by me on their cars, and I put a bite of food in their mouths. Sometimes it's the only way they will eat! Silly, I know. We've tried everything. It's just one of those "whatever works" right now in our house. ; )

Today we met Westin for ice cream to celebrate his birthday. ; ) These two are going to be trouble. The other day we were playing at Shannon's house, and Westin got into trouble. When Cody got up to talk to him, Colson said, "Run, Westin, run!" So funny.
Reagan can't wait to run around with her silly cousins. ; )

But I trust in You, LordI say, “You are my God.” My times are in Your hands... 

Psalm 31:14-15
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