Monday, February 23, 2009

Something Crafty Again!?

Ok, so we know I'm not the most creative girl, but I can't help that I see something and think I can actually do it. Simple things. This idea I know is not original, but I thought of it on my own. ; ) I got tired of feeding Zach at restuarants with nothing to put his food on, so I decided to make him a placemat. Here is the finished product...

I put his birthday at the top, name in the middle, and then "Bruiser" at the bottom because that is one of his nicknames.

I also made one for my youngest niece Abby (I thought Allie and Mary were a little too old for one!). Her birthday is on the top, "drama" on the side, and "girly" on the bottom. I thought this summed Abs up! Hope she likes it.

Of course I couldn't leave baby Garrett out! His birthday is on the top of his placemat, name in the middle, and "g-man" on the bottom.
These placemats look pretty simple, but oh no! Not with me making them. What I thought were stickers when I bought them turned out to be rub ons. Well...I couldn't figure out how to get them to "rub on", so I just decided to cut the numbers and letters out. ; ) At least I had fun.

I couldn't leave this cutie out of my post...Zach is already perfecting the Sunday afternoon nap on the couch!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guilty but Cute!

I think Zach heard about the new baby coming, and he has started to act out. Just kidding! What you will see in the next few pics are everyday occurrences. ; )
This week we went to Glo to visit our friend Elizabeth. Zach made himself right at home by running into the bathroom and unwinding the toilet paper roll. Thank goodness Elizabeth loves Zach and didn't care!

This morning Zach dumped cheerios on the kitchen floor. This is how I found him.

"Did I do anything wrong!?" I love how he's hiding behind the fridge.

Zach just ate breakfast off the floor this morning. JUST KIDDING! Life is too short not to laugh at moments like these.

I love it when Zach walks around the house in his pajamas at night all clean and ready for bed. He's serious for some reason right now in this picture, but don't worry he didn't hit me with his little golf club. ; ) He just likes to throw things.

Ready for bed!
Thanks for all the sweet comments about baby Rowe #2! Six more months until this adventure gets a little more crazy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, Baby!

That's right! I am twelve weeks pregnant. August 28, 2009, will be very special because we will be welcoming our second baby into our family.
We didn't expect to get pregnant so quickly, so we are really excited. Clomid baby #2!
Since we haven't told many people until now, it still in some ways does not even seem real that I'm pregnant. I'm SO happy to finally get the word out. My heart remains burdened for my friends who are waiting to get pregnant. I know that the LORD is faithful, and our prayers will one day be answered. I can't wait until each of them have their much deserved turn, and I will be the most EXCITED person anyone has ever seen!
Jason and I have always wanted to have our kids close together in age. Of course, when we actually had a baby and reality hit, I thought there is no way! Zach and this little one will be 21 months apart. I like the difference because right now Zach is still a baby to me even though he is independent in so many ways. By August he will be even more independent. Jason wanted our kids to be even closer in age. He's crazy!
We heard the heartbeat last week, and everything looks great. We find out in seven weeks the sex of our baby. It really does not seem that far away to me. When we found out with Zach we were having a boy, I was thrilled, but thought, "What do I know about boys!?"
Now I would love to have all boys because Zach is so much fun. If we find out we're having a girl, it will definitely be a mind switch from rough and tumble and balls everywhere and from everything blue, green, brown, and orange. I can't wait to find out what GOD wants us to have!
And if you even know how protective Jason is of Zach, I can't imagine how he would be with a little girl. I don't know if it's possible!
Overall I love being pregnant. The early stage is the hardest for me (poor Jason gets the real sick me...ha!), but hopefully I'm almost over it. I am taking medication to help with nausea and queasiness, but I have felt worse than when I was pregnant with Zach. It's crazy to me, so I don't know if this means anything or not. ; ) I've learned to be productive when I feel well and slow down and eat crackers when I'm not. It's all worth it because of what's coming in August!
I had a C-Section with Zach because he was breech at 39 weeks. The doctor even tried an external version to get him to turn around. No luck! My hospital does not do VBACs (vaginal birth after delivery), so the date will actually be one week before (unless GOD has other plans), but for now this is my due date.
I am SO happy and looking forward to having the spring and summer with Zach to play outside and just focus on him before the baby comes. I'm also thankful the weather will be warm when he or she arrives.
Thanks for sharing in our good news!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

My little Valentine

February 14, 2008

February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Things about Me

**If you want to see two hilarious videos, go to my sis-in-law's website Both will give you a smile for the day.
My college roommate Lauren tagged me to post 25 random things about myself, so here's the list!

1. I love to exercise. I have been running in 5Ks and 10Ks with my dad since I was 12 years old and have also run two half marathons. I would love to run a full marathon one day, but it takes so much commitment I just don't have that kind of time right now.

2. I love having a son and would love to have all boys.

3. I love to read Christian suspense fiction books.

4. Jason and I dated for six years and have been married over six years. He's everything I could ask for in a husband.

5. I love Zach's dark skin. I think it's hilarious that we get asked all the time if Zach is a mixed race baby or an ethnic baby.

6. I spend way too much time on my computer!

7. I love summer...going to the lake, getting a tan, snow cones, long days, walks around the block. Can't wait!

8. I love to wakeboard, snowski, and snowboard.

9. I wish I didn't have to have a C-section when Zach was born (he was breech), but I know it was out of my hands, GOD was protecting me somehow, and He sees the bigger picture and knows what's best for me! I just keep telling myself all of these things.

10. I love being around friends who can make me laugh until I cry.

11. I wish I was half the cook my Mom is.

12. I want Jason and I to give our children wonderful lives like our families gave us.

13. I love Lucerne, Switzerland, and London and would travel to Europe every year if I could.

14. I was a Tri Delt at Baylor and graduated with an undergrad in Health/Fitness. I also have a Masters in Counseling from the University of Arkansas. I would love to be a school counselor one day.

15. I am very close to my families...Jason's and mine! I only wish I could have met my grandfather on my Dad's side. I was blessed to know three of my grandparents and love to talk about memories with them.

16. My favorite color is red. Always has been always will be!

17. I love old friends and new friends. They both bring something very different and special to my life.

18. I love to travel, but I am also a homebody.

19. It's difficult for me to be around negative people, and I hate it when I see a negative spirit in myself!

20. I enjoy hiking and Pike's Peak has been my most challenging hike yet.

21. I am very thankful to have a husband who loves me and always takes care of me.

22. I don't know where I would be without Jesus!

23. I love doing Bible studies. Especially since having Zach, I need that connection and consistent accountability.

24. I eat alot of healthy foods, but I also like junk food. I will not eat fish, mushrooms, cherries, or black olives.

25. My favorite verses are Ephesians 3:20-21, "Now glory be to GOD who by His mighty power at work within you is able to do far more than you could ever dare to ask or even dream of. Infinitely beyond your highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes."

I tag Mandy and Meredith. Have fun!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Zach's Vacation

I am SO happy to be back with Zach! It made coming home from Colorado alot easier! I really don't think he missed us though. ; ) I'm ok with that. I'm just thankful he was well taken care of and had tons of fun. He's been telling me about all of his adventures and all the trouble he got into with his Gran and G-Daddy.

Something is not right here...

G-Daddy lets me drive!

Happy boy! There is no doubt in my mind he is looking more and more like his mama!

Grammie & Zach

This chair is just my size!

Zach & Gran

Zach had a good time feeding the ducks. I love this because Jason and I would go feed the ducks when we were dating (SO many years ago!), and he also proposed to me by this pond.

I love to swing!

I like to be in the driver's seat.

Zach with his Gigi and Papa. Gigi and Papa played with Zach every day! No wonder he came home spoiled rotten. ; )

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slopes and Snowmobiling

What a week! I had wonderful intentions of blogging more, but I've been too tired at night to do anything but curl up by the fire and read my book. ; ) The week has flown by too quickly, but I am ready to see my little man! I've thought about him all week as I've watched little kids ski down the mountain. They are precious! I just can't wait to squeeze Zach in my arms. I hope he remembers us!

Mary with a sucker and a pink balloon. Can life get any better!?

Jason and Allie entertained everyone hoolahooping with the Wii. I've never seen Jason move like this before! Ha!

Jason and me

Mom and Dad

Mere and Fabe

Poor Meredith! Don't worry, she's ok. ; )

Allie livin' it up in the snow. She is such a great little skier!

Faber, Jason, and Dad

Today we did something we've never done before. We went snowmobiling! It was incredible, and I can't wait until Zach can go with us. He will love it.

Group pic!

Dad and Mom

Allie, Faber, and Meredith

Jason and me...look who's in the driver's seat! Jason and I took turns driving, thank goodness. He made me a little nervous. ; ) I probably made him nervous, too!

Tonight we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Aspen, La Cantina. We stuffed ourselves silly with Mexican food. What a way to end our week!

Meredith and Allie

One of my favorite times on our ski trips is our devotional times. Each day a couple takes a topic and shares something from GOD's word and their hearts. It is really the sweetest time with my family! I don't have any pics of our devos this week because it's usually at night when we're all in our comfies and looking worn out from a hard day of skiing.

I keep thinking of two years ago when my sister Mandy had just found out she was pregnant, and Jason and I had been trying for over eight months to get pregnant. I was SO excited for her yet very emotional myself. The LORD used our family devotional time to strengthen my heart and keep me going. It was such a sweet time. I will never forget how GOD showed up. One month later we got prenant with Zach. So much can change in two years!
This week our theme has been

Happy moments, Praise GOD
Difficult moments, Seek GOD
Quiet moments, Worship GOD
Painful moments, Trust GOD
Every moment, Thank GOD
We each took one phrase and went with it. Thank you, LORD, for an amazing week! I never want to take this time for granted.
Back to my book!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello from Colorado!

We are in Snowmass this week with my family (minus Mandy, Bo, and Abby...we MISS ya'll!) enjoying GOD's creation, skiing, and relaxing. Life is good. Jason's parents (Gran and G-Daddy) are staying with Zach this week, so he is going to be spoiled rotten! I talked with him on the phone this afternoon, and he was laughing and giggling, so I don't think he misses me yet. I miss him like CRAZY (especially when I go from being around him constantly to not at all!), but I'm just trying to enjoy this little break. ; )

Zach with Bunny and Pappy before we left

My men & me

Jason flew us into Aspen yesterday afternoon. Just kidding! Although I would trust him entirely. ; ) We had a layover, so he chatted it up with the pilot before he took off again.

Jason and the captain

Yesterday was a long day! We drove a few hours, flew, had a layover, flew again, then drove four more hours to Snowmass. We stopped at the Ore House in Vail for dinner. It was perfection and made the day totally worth it. ; )

Allie before she went out to sled in the snow

The view from our condo

My parents and I before we went to Aspen for the afternoon. Jason and Faber skiied today, and Meredith played with Allie and Mary.

When we were renting our skies, I saw the smallest ski boots I've ever seen! I had to take a picture because I keep thinking about when we'll bring Zach with us when he is three. He'll be SO cute in all his ski gear! Jason and I are already thinking if we want him to learn how to ski or snowboard first...ha!
GOD has blessed Jason and me with amazing families, and we always love going on vacations with them. We'd be crazy not to!

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