Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guilty but Cute!

I think Zach heard about the new baby coming, and he has started to act out. Just kidding! What you will see in the next few pics are everyday occurrences. ; )
This week we went to Glo to visit our friend Elizabeth. Zach made himself right at home by running into the bathroom and unwinding the toilet paper roll. Thank goodness Elizabeth loves Zach and didn't care!

This morning Zach dumped cheerios on the kitchen floor. This is how I found him.

"Did I do anything wrong!?" I love how he's hiding behind the fridge.

Zach just ate breakfast off the floor this morning. JUST KIDDING! Life is too short not to laugh at moments like these.

I love it when Zach walks around the house in his pajamas at night all clean and ready for bed. He's serious for some reason right now in this picture, but don't worry he didn't hit me with his little golf club. ; ) He just likes to throw things.

Ready for bed!
Thanks for all the sweet comments about baby Rowe #2! Six more months until this adventure gets a little more crazy!


Mer said...

a little more crazy?! Zach up to snuff now??? HOpe he's feeling better...looks like he is!

Shannon said...

Love his PJ's. :) That pic at Glo is hilarious.

Holly said...

Lol! These photos are so cute! :D

Mandy said...

You have your hands full! He is cute doing it, however! Thank goodness.

Hillary said...

Zach is so big! I love it but it makes me sad!! I miss you two a LOT! Can't wait until this weekend! I will repsond to your email soon. :)

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