Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cheer

I am working on my blog's background, so it will come together hopefully soon! It's a process... ; )

This week has already been busy and fun! It's all about laughter, family, and friends while celebrating Jesus' birth. Some very good news is Z is sleeping again. Hope it stays this way.

My sister Mandy, Bo, and Abby

My sis-in-law Meredith and Allie

On Monday my mom invited some of her dearest friends over to her house for brunch and to see all the grandkids. Of course, Zach and Garrett (Meredith and Faber's baby boy) slept the entire time the women were here. Oh well! At least Allie, Mary, and Abby entertained everyone.

As you can see...never a dull moment.

Z and Garrett

Jenny and Benjamin came to play with us! Whatever Benjamin did, Z was close behind.

Jenny, Benjamin, Z, and me
Thanks for coming over!

Then it was gingerbread-house-making-time. I have always wanted to do this, so I was really into it! I had to watch Allie and Mary closely though because they wanted to eat all the candy. We did run out of the house's "decorations." I wonder why!?

Our gingerbread house...we were proud!
(Don't look too closely.)

Today Z and I stopped by to see Hil in her new office building. Zach really showed off for her walking all around her office. Thanks for letting us stop by, Hil!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Baby

Today was full of Christmas fun. Z sat on Santa's lap and told him he had been a very good boy this year.

I didn't know how Z was going to react to Santa, but he did great!

I told Santa all I wanted for Christmas was for Z to sleep through the night again. He was on a good kick a few weeks ago but not anymore!

Tonight we went to look at Christmas lights downtown.

Go Hogs Go!

All bundled up!
I would love to go to a live nativity. Anyone know of any in the area!?


Jason has been on a pudding kick. He loves it!

More please!

Riley sometimes gets caught in the crossfire of pudding flying across the kitchen. She always stays close just in case Z throws something good!

Zach also loves rubbing his hands in his hair when he is finished. He gets lots of food stuck in his hair. I have no idea where this came from! Maybe he's starting a new trend...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where Have I Been!?

Hello! It's been a crazy busy past two weeks! I am so behind in blog world I have been avoiding it. ; ) It started when Zach got sick, and we had to start him on breathing treatments. We haven't had to give him any treatments since August, so I am thankful he's been healthy for so long. He is much better now, but we are still giving him the treatments.

We have been to a few Christmas parties, but I have not been good at taking pictures! The ones I did take turned out fuzzy. We went to Jason's office party and also our small group party. For one of our white elephant gifts at our church party we gave a fish! It was great.

This week we were back at the hospital. I know! What is the deal!? The pet hospital. Riley split her nail open somehow in the backyard, and I had to take her to the vet. She had to be sedated so the doctor could work on one of her fingernails. When I picked her up after her procedure she bounded out of the room so I knew she hadn't let it get her down. Thank goodness!

Our little patient

Riley's Christmas cast

Zach is into everything (literally!), eating everything (off the floor), talking to everything, and laughing at everything. He is also getting close to walking. He keeps me running from 6:30 am to 8 pm with a few naps in between. For him, not me! I wish. I love this age. His smiles are incredible!

Riley is never far behind him! I'm in trouble with these two.

I hope everything is enjoying this Christmas season!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Zach had his first real haircut this week! His hair was out of control. Seriously. Jason and I have been trimming his hair throughout the year, but we decided that he needed a little help.

He did great! We didn't know what to expect, but he loved looking around at the new surroundings.

Sitting still for a few seconds

All done. Thanks, Julee!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This How We Roll

Yesterday we took Zach to ride the Christmas train. He loved it, and I hope we've started a tradition. He looks like a little blue elf in this picture.

Fam pic

They overbooked the train by 300 tickets, and we were the last ones to get on it. It was a close call! There were some mad people behind us determined to have fun with their kids. Kind of ironic! I don't blame them though. At least they were able to take a ride when we returned.
After we found a seat, the conductor came to our car and said he needed three people to move to first class, so we volunteered. Rough life, I know. ; )

If this wasn't enough, the conductor then asked if I will lead the car in singing Christmas carols. I said yes because I thought he was kidding! He wasn't. So here I am singing from the carol book. I just tried to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Hilarious!

Who is THIS!?

Jason & Z

My friend from Bible study Elli and her sweet family met us. It was her idea to ride the Christmas train. Thanks, Elli!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Bring on the Christmas season! The lights, carols, bundling up by a fire, hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies, giving gifts, receiving gifts, parties, traditions, reliving memories. Remembering the Greatest Gift of all. Don't you just love it?

I know the holidays can also be difficult as we think about people we've lost and wish were still with us on earth. I hope all of you can find hope this season with Jesus no matter what you've been through in your life!

Last night we went to get our Christmas tree. Jason and I have always bought a live tree. We love going to pick one out and the fresh pine smell in our house. The only bad thing is all the pine needles on the floor!

Jason & Zach with our tree on the roof

My parents gave Zach this advent tree for his birthday. Isn't it the cutest thing!? My sister Mandy discovered it. I love it! It's so big I'm having a hard time figuring out where I can put it in my house. When Z is older, I will fill it with candy so he can eat a piece each day it gets closer to Christmas!

I love our stockings! My mom said I should go ahead and buy other ones like Zach's for "other children" we may have, but I'm just not there yet! Ha!

A few Christmas decorations in my kitchen

Tonight our goal is decorating the tree. Z hasn't even noticed it, so I hope it stays that way!

A Few More Thanksgiving Pics

Here are a few more pics from Thanksgiving. I wasn't able to download pics at my parents house from my camera, so I'm just now getting to it!

Zach, Riley, Hannibal (my brother Faber's dog), and I were up ready to go at 5 am Thanksgiving day. Ha!

Zach with Gracie (Jason's second cousin) and her new little puppy Sam. Z didn't know what to think about this little dog!

Z after eating his Thanksgiving feast

Meredith & me

Allie loved entertaining Zach! He always gave her the funniest faces.

Allie reading to Zach

I caught Mary smiling for a pic! Doesn't Garrett look so long!? He's six and a half months old. I already know Zach and Garrett are going to get into lots of trouble together!

Just playin'

I love this pic! Zach and Riley are waiting for my Mom to come home.

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