Friday, December 12, 2008


Zach had his first real haircut this week! His hair was out of control. Seriously. Jason and I have been trimming his hair throughout the year, but we decided that he needed a little help.

He did great! We didn't know what to expect, but he loved looking around at the new surroundings.

Sitting still for a few seconds

All done. Thanks, Julee!


Angie said...

How cute!! I love the picture with him with the cape!

Jennifer said...

Julee told me he came in to get his hair cut! He looks so cute with his big boy haircut!

Julee Turner said...

aww! He was such a sweet boy! Thanks for posting the pics.

Kelly said...

awww the first haircut. (to me) it is bittersweet. They always need it so badly, but once they get it they lose some of their babish look.
GREAT pix. I will now have to call him handsome instead of cute. ;)

the osbornes said...

he looks so cute!

Kelly said...

SO cute!!!!! I'm glad he did so well!!!!!!

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