Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where Have I Been!?

Hello! It's been a crazy busy past two weeks! I am so behind in blog world I have been avoiding it. ; ) It started when Zach got sick, and we had to start him on breathing treatments. We haven't had to give him any treatments since August, so I am thankful he's been healthy for so long. He is much better now, but we are still giving him the treatments.

We have been to a few Christmas parties, but I have not been good at taking pictures! The ones I did take turned out fuzzy. We went to Jason's office party and also our small group party. For one of our white elephant gifts at our church party we gave a fish! It was great.

This week we were back at the hospital. I know! What is the deal!? The pet hospital. Riley split her nail open somehow in the backyard, and I had to take her to the vet. She had to be sedated so the doctor could work on one of her fingernails. When I picked her up after her procedure she bounded out of the room so I knew she hadn't let it get her down. Thank goodness!

Our little patient

Riley's Christmas cast

Zach is into everything (literally!), eating everything (off the floor), talking to everything, and laughing at everything. He is also getting close to walking. He keeps me running from 6:30 am to 8 pm with a few naps in between. For him, not me! I wish. I love this age. His smiles are incredible!

Riley is never far behind him! I'm in trouble with these two.

I hope everything is enjoying this Christmas season!


Diane said...

Sorry Zach has been sick. What treatments are you giving him? Does he have asthma? Can't wait to see y'all Christmas Eve... because of church, we won't be there much, but it'll be nice to see everyone :)

Kelly said...

Welcome Back!!! ;)
Sorry Zach has not been well. I hope he is back to normal soon. No fun for a baby to be sick.
Poor Riley. Glad she was a good sport.
Cute pix of Zach in the cupboard. What is with little ones wanting in the cupboards???

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