Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Few More Thanksgiving Pics

Here are a few more pics from Thanksgiving. I wasn't able to download pics at my parents house from my camera, so I'm just now getting to it!

Zach, Riley, Hannibal (my brother Faber's dog), and I were up ready to go at 5 am Thanksgiving day. Ha!

Zach with Gracie (Jason's second cousin) and her new little puppy Sam. Z didn't know what to think about this little dog!

Z after eating his Thanksgiving feast

Meredith & me

Allie loved entertaining Zach! He always gave her the funniest faces.

Allie reading to Zach

I caught Mary smiling for a pic! Doesn't Garrett look so long!? He's six and a half months old. I already know Zach and Garrett are going to get into lots of trouble together!

Just playin'

I love this pic! Zach and Riley are waiting for my Mom to come home.



Kelly said...

I like Zach's bib. (too cute)
It looks like he had a great time, with lots of kids and dogs to keep him entertained.

Angie said...

The last pic is priceless!! How cute!!

Jennifer said...

All the pictures are so cute! I love the first one. Zach looks so little next to the dogs!

Mrs. D said...

What a neat Advent wreath! I've never seen one of those before.

By the way, I'm new to your blog...I found yours via Bless My Nest (Shannon).

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