Friday, November 28, 2008

Zach's Birthday Fun

Zach should be worn out from all of his 1st birthday parties! On his actual birthday last week, we had a little party that turned into a big party at our house. Zach loved it! Jason's parents, Grandma and Papa came up for the day to see him. Shannon, Cody, and Andy came over for the party, too.

Jason and me with our one year old son! I can't believe it.


Thank you for all my wonderful presents!

Gran & Z

Today we had another birthday party for Zach so that more of Jason's fam and my fam who was all together for Thanksgiving could celebrate with us. We missed you Mandy, Bo, and Abs!!

Garrett & Meredith my sis-in-law

Papa and Gigi with Zach

Cody and Shannon with Z

Jason's Aunt Linda with Z

Jason's Aunt Tracy with Z

Allie helped Z open his gifts. Mary Afton did, too, but she's not in this pic. Thanks, girls!

My parents Pappy & Bunny

My brother Faber with Allie

Jason and I are so thankful for our amazing families who love Zach so much. I'm glad I at least have a month in between Z's birthday and Christmas!


Robyn Beele said...

Aww it looks like he had two great birthday parties!!

Kelly said...

What a sweet boy to have two parties!!! He's so cute - i bet you can't believe he's ONE!!!
I love the pumpkin cake!

Mandy said...

We missed you!! Happy Bday Zach!

Mer said...

Yeah! Great pics...we had such a good week. It was great to see Zach! He's so sweet and laid back. Love you!

Kelly said...

WoW, what a lucky boy...two parties. :)
Such a cute cake. I love it.
As he gets older you will appreciate the month that separates his birthday and Christmas even more.

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Katie~
It looks like Zach had a fantastic birthday! He is so cute! And that is such a cute cake! :)

Have a fantastic day! :)

Laurie said...

I cannot believe he is ONE! That was a really cute birthday cake!

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