Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Year

November 19, 2007

Jason holding Zach for the first time.

This pic is when I first really laid eyes on Zach. Indescribable!

It's amazing what can happen in one year. Wow! A few things I've learned...

*When I have a bad day, it hits me that I have a healthy beautiful son, and my day turns completely around.

*I love that Zach looks exactly like Jason...even though I will continue to point out features I think are from me.

*Zach has taught me in a refreshing way that family comes first.

*I never thought I could live on sleeping six hours again at night and get used to it.

*I am more in love with Jason than I have ever been. However, this did not come without a price. Having Zach was one of the most wonderful and hardest things for us. We have grown so much closer because of him.

*Cuddling with Zach is one of my favorite things to do.

*I have more compassion and understanding for new moms. All we need is encouragement!

*I love to hear Zach laugh. It's music to my ears!

*I've learned more about GOD's abundant grace.

*Recently I told Jason that I'm still trying to find the "me in motherhood" meaning that I desire to be all GOD wants me to be as a mama to Zach without losing myself or my personality in the process. Just like when I married Jason, I was suddenly "Jason's wife" but I was still Katie. I want my identity to be in Christ alone, not who I am married to or who my kids are. Make sense!? Anyway, Jason laughed and said, "Katie, there is no ME in motherhood." I had to laugh because of the way it sounded. I couldn't agree with him more!

November 19, 2008

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, my little man!! I am so glad GOD gave you to us!


ashley said...

Happy Birthday Zach!!! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. You are such a blessing to your family and all those who have gotten to know you. Miss you stud muffin!

the osbornes said...

Happy Birthday Zach!! This is a great post Katie. Love it!

walkers said...

so precious-all three of you. and great sentiments. my heart aches because I so wish we could raise our boys together- I know they would be besties. love you sweet friend.

Robyn Beele said...


The Bunch Fam! said...

Happy Birthday Zach! Katie, he looks more like Jason in that picture than in any I have seen. Ben needs those shoes!

Robyn said...

this is such a sweet post! thanks for sharing things from your heart about this first year of your boy's life. it is clear you are a great mama and really delight in it all. i rejoice with you as you celebrate God's goodness in your family. Love,

Mer said...

Happy happy happy birthday ZACH!!!!!!!! Wowsers... I know mommy and daddy are glad it's a year later! It just gets so much easier!
I can't wait to see you next week!

Jennifer said...

Such a sweet post, Katie! Happy Birthday Zach!

Andrew said...

The party was fun last night.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to Zach!! He is such a cutie!!

Kelly said...

I am so sorry that I missed this post on Zach's actual birthday. :(
Happy belated FIRST Birthday Zach. And congrats to you and Jason for making it through your first year of parenthood. :)
It is crazy how fast the time flies by us once we have little ones.
I can relate so much to you in trying to find the "me" in Motherhood. It is so hard to become "so & so's wife" and "so & so's Mom" instead of just YOU. Though to be truthful there are times being "so & so's wife and or Mom" is music to the ears.

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Ah, what a sweet post! I love what you said about what you have learned as a mom, and COMPLETELY relate to what you wrote last. (About wanting to be a great mom, but still keep who you are.) This is still something I am working on, even after eleven years of being a mom! I love how you compared it to being a wife, but still being you, as well as remembering our identity is found in Christ! I love it, and it is so encouraging! :)

Congratulations on your first year of motherhood, and happy birthday to Zach! :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now I'm off to bake that pumpkin pie...

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