Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor

Zach always wakes up from his nap saying, "Vroom, vroom!" This mean he is ready to go on a four wheeler ride. It's amazing how he was born being ALL BOY! Loving wheels and ANYTHING with a motor...planes, trains, motorcycles, cars, four wheelers, lawn mowers. I now fully understand that expression. Usually Jason takes him for a ride after he gets home from work, but since I knew he was going to be late last night, off we went!

Don't worry, Dad, I know I'm almost nine months pregnant, and I am VERY careful. Not wild like your son-in-law. ; )

Anyway,what does this have to do with neighbors!? As Zach and I were riding around looking for "duck-ducks," I looked up to see one of our neighbors riding toward us on her four wheeler. I know, it's hilarious! She was bringing us more wonderful vegetables. Is that a good neighbor or what!? It makes my week!

She also came by to give me her phone number and said, "If Reese is born in the middle of the night, you call me, and I'll come over to be with Zach." I was truly touched. I hope she doesn't decide to come early though!

I've decided I have to make them some homemade bread this weekend...mmmmm.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Days

We are loving these summer days! I would say "lazy summer days," but we have no time to be lazy around here. We have a baby to get ready for. ; )

Zach is at such a great age, and we have so much fun together. Such a happy little guy...most of the time. I am trying to take in every moment alone with him because in four weeks his baby sister will change everything. ; )

I am so excited that we will have our own little girl. I really can't believe it. I'm happy, scared, thrilled, and worried all at the same time. How will we survive on no sleep again!? That's a biggie for us. ; ) I also used to be concerned about how close Zach and Reese will be in age, but now I'm thinking it will be perfect. He has grown up so much this summer (not that I want him to!). I can't wait to see them together.

A few pics of what Zach has been up to...

He drives his motorcycle all over the house sometimes crashing into things (on purpose) and saying, "Vroom, vroom!"

This afternoon he climbed right into his toy basket and threw everything out. He's never done this before...it was hilarious!

"You caught me, Mom!"

"This has been fun, Mom, but now you get to clean it all up while I take my nap!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Weekend

Friday night we had our first church fellowship at our house. I was so excited to finally have everyone over! We grilled out, and the weather was perfect. I only took a few pics because I was having so much fun. ; )

S & C

Jason & I

Saturday morning we went to the lake and guess who visited our boat!? A little parakeet! It was wild!

Zach calls every bird a "duck-duck," so he was in heaven. He wanted to get closer and closer...he even touched the bird's tail at one point.

Our friends Stacy and Davin
Zach was attached to Stacy on the boat. Good thing she didn't mind. ; )

Barry, Morgan, and their precious boys also went to the lake with us. Barry and Jason have been best friends all of their lives, so it's fun to see our boys together.

Zach, me, Morgan, Barrett, & Branton

Zach, Barrett, & Branton


Saturday night Jason and I went to a friend's surprise birthday party. She has four beautiful children (three of which are triplets!), so she always has hilarious stories to tell about them.

Jason & I

Sweet friends

Happy Birthday, Melanie!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Backpack Backpack

I know, I know...it's only a backpack, but I love it! I am so excited that Zach will carry this to Mother's Day Out this fall. It might not actually be on his back since he cried when I put it on him the other day, but that's beside the point. ; )

I think it's adorable and know Zach will be the cutest little guy there, too. ; )

Monday, July 13, 2009


What a weekend! It started a little early with Shannon and me finding the Duggar's house. We love their show, and I have always wanted to find out where they live. Too bad no one was outside or we would introduced ourselves. ; )

the Duggar's home

Thursday night Jason surprised me with Legally Blonde theater tickets. This is a big deal for him. Not the surprise part (because he is wonderful at surprises), but going to a play part. Thanks, babe! It was cute, and we had a wonderful night. Isn't he just handsome!? I hope Zach grows up to look exactly like him. There's a good chance he will. ; )

I've gone country!
This weekend we also met some of our neighbors. Where we live a neighbor doesn't have to live next door because no one lives next to us. They just live close by. They were driving tractors around our neighborhood putting hay in all the big hay bales. I have no other way of describing it for all of you farmers out there. Sorry if that is incorrect!
Anyway, Zach loved watching the tractors. They also brought us home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, apple butter, green beans, and strawberry jam. I'm in heaven!

Jason's parents came up this weekend also. Zach was in full force keeping them entertained. He did seem to have a second of down time with Gran...I guess the boy can be still. ;)

Jason had his Dad working the second he stepped out of his car!

Jason and G-Daddy mostly worked in the garage putting together shelves, a work bench, and cleaning out. It looks so much better.

Zach with G-Daddy & Gran

I guess we are just nesting around here! Five weeks three days to go. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shannon's Birthday

We celebrated Shannon's birthday this week at our fam night. She is a wonderful sister-in-law, and I am SO happy and blessed to have her in my life. I used to jump in her bed at night when she was in junior high and talk with her about boys and silly things. Fun memories. Yes, Jason and I have been together forever! I know she thought I was crazy and probably still does. ; ) Love you, girl!

This just makes me smile. My little (big!) brother-in-law with his rough exterior. He really is a puppy on the inside. ; ) Zach adores him and says, "Anrooo" ALL the time!

4th of July

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We celebrated on the lake with Jason's fam. Kids, food, water, fireworks, and fun everywhere!

July 4, 2008
How my baby boy has changed!

Zach and I went tubing with some of his cousins (actually his third cousins, but you know...). Don't worry, this tube cannot be flipped! The driver didn't want to scare Zach OR make me go into early labor, so it was a nice fun ride.

All tuckered out

"What did I miss while I was asleep!?"

Jason with a boat full of kiddos (he has 13 soon-to-be 14 second cousins)

Reed, Whit, Joshua (he is Jason's cousin and Reed and Whit's Dad), & Zach

Cody and Zach feeding the "ducks"

A little family picture

Zach with Gran and G-Daddy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eight Months Pregnant Already!?

Where has the time gone!? Maybe it's flown by because of traveling, moving, getting Reese's nursery ready, chasing after Zach, and being in the hospital?

GOD is good, and every day I am reminded of His protection over Reese and me. His timing is perfect!

"Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be." Psalm 139:16

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