Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Weekend

Friday night we had our first church fellowship at our house. I was so excited to finally have everyone over! We grilled out, and the weather was perfect. I only took a few pics because I was having so much fun. ; )

S & C

Jason & I

Saturday morning we went to the lake and guess who visited our boat!? A little parakeet! It was wild!

Zach calls every bird a "duck-duck," so he was in heaven. He wanted to get closer and closer...he even touched the bird's tail at one point.

Our friends Stacy and Davin
Zach was attached to Stacy on the boat. Good thing she didn't mind. ; )

Barry, Morgan, and their precious boys also went to the lake with us. Barry and Jason have been best friends all of their lives, so it's fun to see our boys together.

Zach, me, Morgan, Barrett, & Branton

Zach, Barrett, & Branton


Saturday night Jason and I went to a friend's surprise birthday party. She has four beautiful children (three of which are triplets!), so she always has hilarious stories to tell about them.

Jason & I

Sweet friends

Happy Birthday, Melanie!

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Morgan said...

Love the lake pictures! We had a blast!

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