Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Days

We are loving these summer days! I would say "lazy summer days," but we have no time to be lazy around here. We have a baby to get ready for. ; )

Zach is at such a great age, and we have so much fun together. Such a happy little guy...most of the time. I am trying to take in every moment alone with him because in four weeks his baby sister will change everything. ; )

I am so excited that we will have our own little girl. I really can't believe it. I'm happy, scared, thrilled, and worried all at the same time. How will we survive on no sleep again!? That's a biggie for us. ; ) I also used to be concerned about how close Zach and Reese will be in age, but now I'm thinking it will be perfect. He has grown up so much this summer (not that I want him to!). I can't wait to see them together.

A few pics of what Zach has been up to...

He drives his motorcycle all over the house sometimes crashing into things (on purpose) and saying, "Vroom, vroom!"

This afternoon he climbed right into his toy basket and threw everything out. He's never done this was hilarious!

"You caught me, Mom!"

"This has been fun, Mom, but now you get to clean it all up while I take my nap!"


caycee said...

Zach is so cute! I know you guys are so excited for your little girl to get here! I cant wait to see pics after she is born.(If she looks like her mom she will be beautiful).

Angie said...

Zach is adorable!! Brock and Ava used to LOVE to dump all their toys out and play in the basket-ha ha!! Have a great weekend!!

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