Monday, July 13, 2009


What a weekend! It started a little early with Shannon and me finding the Duggar's house. We love their show, and I have always wanted to find out where they live. Too bad no one was outside or we would introduced ourselves. ; )

the Duggar's home

Thursday night Jason surprised me with Legally Blonde theater tickets. This is a big deal for him. Not the surprise part (because he is wonderful at surprises), but going to a play part. Thanks, babe! It was cute, and we had a wonderful night. Isn't he just handsome!? I hope Zach grows up to look exactly like him. There's a good chance he will. ; )

I've gone country!
This weekend we also met some of our neighbors. Where we live a neighbor doesn't have to live next door because no one lives next to us. They just live close by. They were driving tractors around our neighborhood putting hay in all the big hay bales. I have no other way of describing it for all of you farmers out there. Sorry if that is incorrect!
Anyway, Zach loved watching the tractors. They also brought us home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, apple butter, green beans, and strawberry jam. I'm in heaven!

Jason's parents came up this weekend also. Zach was in full force keeping them entertained. He did seem to have a second of down time with Gran...I guess the boy can be still. ;)

Jason had his Dad working the second he stepped out of his car!

Jason and G-Daddy mostly worked in the garage putting together shelves, a work bench, and cleaning out. It looks so much better.

Zach with G-Daddy & Gran

I guess we are just nesting around here! Five weeks three days to go. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too.


Mandy said...

I am seriously laughing SO HARD that you crazy girls went and found that house. LOVE IT!! I SOOOO would have been right there with you..AND knocked on the door for a pic!!! HILARIOUS. Cute, cute pics! Miss you.

Mer said...

Ha! THat is so funny that you found the house. Did Jason get that new lens??? I"m thinking so. Love the are looking beautiful..not much longeR!

Fabiola said...

Oh Katie, I am so glad you had a full recovery. Zach is becoming such a big boy.

I haven´t stopped by your blog or Shannon's due to some work trips, but what I can say, he is looking so cute.


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