Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor

Zach always wakes up from his nap saying, "Vroom, vroom!" This mean he is ready to go on a four wheeler ride. It's amazing how he was born being ALL BOY! Loving wheels and ANYTHING with a motor...planes, trains, motorcycles, cars, four wheelers, lawn mowers. I now fully understand that expression. Usually Jason takes him for a ride after he gets home from work, but since I knew he was going to be late last night, off we went!

Don't worry, Dad, I know I'm almost nine months pregnant, and I am VERY careful. Not wild like your son-in-law. ; )

Anyway,what does this have to do with neighbors!? As Zach and I were riding around looking for "duck-ducks," I looked up to see one of our neighbors riding toward us on her four wheeler. I know, it's hilarious! She was bringing us more wonderful vegetables. Is that a good neighbor or what!? It makes my week!

She also came by to give me her phone number and said, "If Reese is born in the middle of the night, you call me, and I'll come over to be with Zach." I was truly touched. I hope she doesn't decide to come early though!

I've decided I have to make them some homemade bread this weekend...mmmmm.


Jenna said...

What a sweet neighbor!

ashley said...

I'm laughing right now because I'm trying to grow squash in my backyard and I have "A" squash - unlike your neighbor who seems to have an abundance and variety of vegetables AND delivers them on a four-wheeler - that's GREAT!

Lauren said...

Katie, you nut! Riding a four wheeler 9 months prego, why am I not surprised?? :) I love that your neighbor brings you fresh veggies like that. It makes me miss my gardening days out at the ranch when James and I would live out there in the summers. We can't WAIT to see you on the 11th!!!

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