Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Week

This past week went by so fast! Zach is crawling and pulling up on everything. He is almost one year old! I thought he would be walking by Halloween, but oh well. I'm fine with whatever stage he in in. I just love watching him grow!
My favorite thing he is doing now is saying "Mama" all the time. His eyes light up when he says it, and my heart just melts. He even calls Jason this sometimes, but yesterday he said something like "Dada." I was feeling bad for Jason so hopefully Zach will be saying "Dada" soon.
Jason and I gave him his first haircut a few days ago. His "old man" hair over his ears was driving me crazy! It looks really cute now.
Zach is also in this crazy stage of eating only strawberries, jello, and goldfish. He'll eat chicken sometimes, too. He was such a great eater in the beginning I just knew we wouldn't have any problems with him eating. I was wrong! I know this will pass though.

This is one of Zach's favorite places to play in our house.

Yesterday Jason had sinus surgery. I know, I know, us and our surgeries. One of his nurses remembered me from a few weeks ago from my appendectomy. Small world!
I camped out at the hospital all day with my computer and magazines, and Jason's parents entertained little man. They came up to keep me company, and this nurse came out of nowhere with bubbles. They were a hit with Zach.

Trying to catch a bubble. I think he really looks like Jason in this pic!

This morning Zach started crawling around with this lamb in his hand. Another new thing! I guess he needs another buddy besides Riley.

Trying a little nibble.


Jennifer said...

He is just growing so fast! I love all the pictures of him!

You know you are spending way too much time at the hospital when you get special treatment from the nurses!!:)

Kelly said...

I love the pictures. Such a cute little guy. He will be walking in no time.
Our son is STILL a picky eater @
3 1/2.

Robyn Beele said...

I hope the surgery went well! How sweet of the nurse to come with the bubbles.

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