Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello from Colorado!

We are in Snowmass this week with my family (minus Mandy, Bo, and Abby...we MISS ya'll!) enjoying GOD's creation, skiing, and relaxing. Life is good. Jason's parents (Gran and G-Daddy) are staying with Zach this week, so he is going to be spoiled rotten! I talked with him on the phone this afternoon, and he was laughing and giggling, so I don't think he misses me yet. I miss him like CRAZY (especially when I go from being around him constantly to not at all!), but I'm just trying to enjoy this little break. ; )

Zach with Bunny and Pappy before we left

My men & me

Jason flew us into Aspen yesterday afternoon. Just kidding! Although I would trust him entirely. ; ) We had a layover, so he chatted it up with the pilot before he took off again.

Jason and the captain

Yesterday was a long day! We drove a few hours, flew, had a layover, flew again, then drove four more hours to Snowmass. We stopped at the Ore House in Vail for dinner. It was perfection and made the day totally worth it. ; )

Allie before she went out to sled in the snow

The view from our condo

My parents and I before we went to Aspen for the afternoon. Jason and Faber skiied today, and Meredith played with Allie and Mary.

When we were renting our skies, I saw the smallest ski boots I've ever seen! I had to take a picture because I keep thinking about when we'll bring Zach with us when he is three. He'll be SO cute in all his ski gear! Jason and I are already thinking if we want him to learn how to ski or snowboard first...ha!
GOD has blessed Jason and me with amazing families, and we always love going on vacations with them. We'd be crazy not to!


Angie said...

Have fun on vacation!! Those little ski boots are so cute!!

ashley said...

Looks like you're already having a blast! Ben glanced over at your blog and saw Jason with the pilot - how fun is that - he totally should have flown ya'll there! Have fun and keep up with the blogging!

Jennifer said...

How beautiful! I'm so jealous! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing week!

Josh and Kate said...

Oh, how fun! I'm so jealous. I love to ski! It will be so fun when you bring Zach out there with you one day. We took Peyton with us when he was 18 months old! My Dad and Josh would walk up a little bit of the mountain and hold his hands while he skied down. It was the funniest thing ever watching him on tiny ski's and boots on. However, I wouldn't recommend starting that young. It was a lot of hard work having him out there at such a young age. Enjoy your time away!

Josh and Kate said...

Ha, I can't believe we took him either! We took him at 6 months old too but of course we didn't put him on ski's. He stayed in the condo with our Mom's while we skied. Enjoy!

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