Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good to be Back

Good morning! It's especially good at our house because our electricity just came back on. We haven't had it bad though...other than going a little stir crazy. Yesterday at 2 the electricity went out, so my adventurous husband and sweet neighbor ventured out to buy a generator. Before the generator was instaled and running, our house became quite dark and cold, Riley was pacing and whining, and Zach was fussy and crying.

So, what did I do!? I handed Zach a little flashlight, and things instantly got better. It was like he found a purpose and took charge.

Everything is going to be fine, Mom!

Fun times!

Just trying to see what this tastes like...

Cords are still everywhere around the house. With the generator we were able to have heat, a few lamps on, our fridge and freezer running...the main things.

This is our neighbor's house across the street this morning. I didn't want to venture out too far yet. Snow on top of ice!
Last night, Jason and I stood on our backporch and listened to all the trees cracking and limbs popping all over the neighborhood. I'm so thankful that no tree has fallen on the house...yet!


ashley said...

That's NUTS!!! And, I thought it was bad here - just ice that's already melting pretty quickly. Glad that your boys took care of you and you were able to stay warm with a generator. Too bad we aren't there - could have had a fun slumber party!

Jennifer said...

Mom and Dad were so glad the power came back on too! I'm glad ZAch made the best of the situation!

Robyn Beele said...

What a great idea to give him a flashlight! We have had no snow or ice in years!

Chris said...

Can't go wrong handing a kid a flashlight, it will keep them busy for hours. You have a beautiful family, enjoy :).

Superchikk said...

We let C tote a flashlight around in the dark too, and he loved it! It was one of those crank ones with no batteries, and he thought it was hilarious when we would wind it up. Whatever makes him happy!

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