Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Your Cute Fix

Zach is walking everywhere now! He gets this little grin on his face and squeals when he walks by Jason or me. This morning I grabbed our bags, and said, "Let's go, Zach!" and he just followed me out to the car. He's just getting to be such a little boy!
Got him sitting down! This does not happen very often.
Zach has been sleeping SO much more. We're talking three hour naps! It only took us 14 months to get here. Ha! It's wonderful.

My intense little man

Z is bringing the ball to me in this pic. He is really into bringing me little toys. I say, "Thank you!" and he just smiles so big. He is getting good at throwing and catching another ball he has. It's alot bigger than this one so it's easier to handle.

Big smile!

I don't know what this toddler phase has in store for us, but I am loving Zach's happy spirit and thankful every day for his smiles.


the osbornes said...

Katie, he is just TOO cute! I am so glad you are enjoying the beginning of the toddler stage, and that he is sleeping well for you! What a sweet, happy boy

Kelly said...

sleep is a blessing once a child enters your life. ;)
You are entering a whole new world now that he is mobile on two feet.

ashley said...

Yea for long naps, smiles, and a joyful boy!!!

Robyn Beele said...

He is so adorable! YAY for 3 hour naps!

Mer said...

That's so fun!!!! I'm glad he's taking 3 hour naps...hope you are doing the same..yeah right! He's so cute. You'll be picking up toys from now until forever since he now has 2 hands to carry them!

Candy Johnson said...

Oh, Katie. He just looks like a mini-Jason running around with a mischevious, sweet smile. What a doll! And, I'm envious of those 3 hour naps. I can only imagine the "things" I could do in those 3 hours..hmmm....shower, brush my teeth, clean-nah! So, so happy for you!

The Bunch Fam! said...

The first picture in the post looks like he's doing the bend and snap.

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