Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slopes and Snowmobiling

What a week! I had wonderful intentions of blogging more, but I've been too tired at night to do anything but curl up by the fire and read my book. ; ) The week has flown by too quickly, but I am ready to see my little man! I've thought about him all week as I've watched little kids ski down the mountain. They are precious! I just can't wait to squeeze Zach in my arms. I hope he remembers us!

Mary with a sucker and a pink balloon. Can life get any better!?

Jason and Allie entertained everyone hoolahooping with the Wii. I've never seen Jason move like this before! Ha!

Jason and me

Mom and Dad

Mere and Fabe

Poor Meredith! Don't worry, she's ok. ; )

Allie livin' it up in the snow. She is such a great little skier!

Faber, Jason, and Dad

Today we did something we've never done before. We went snowmobiling! It was incredible, and I can't wait until Zach can go with us. He will love it.

Group pic!

Dad and Mom

Allie, Faber, and Meredith

Jason and me...look who's in the driver's seat! Jason and I took turns driving, thank goodness. He made me a little nervous. ; ) I probably made him nervous, too!

Tonight we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Aspen, La Cantina. We stuffed ourselves silly with Mexican food. What a way to end our week!

Meredith and Allie

One of my favorite times on our ski trips is our devotional times. Each day a couple takes a topic and shares something from GOD's word and their hearts. It is really the sweetest time with my family! I don't have any pics of our devos this week because it's usually at night when we're all in our comfies and looking worn out from a hard day of skiing.

I keep thinking of two years ago when my sister Mandy had just found out she was pregnant, and Jason and I had been trying for over eight months to get pregnant. I was SO excited for her yet very emotional myself. The LORD used our family devotional time to strengthen my heart and keep me going. It was such a sweet time. I will never forget how GOD showed up. One month later we got prenant with Zach. So much can change in two years!
This week our theme has been

Happy moments, Praise GOD
Difficult moments, Seek GOD
Quiet moments, Worship GOD
Painful moments, Trust GOD
Every moment, Thank GOD
We each took one phrase and went with it. Thank you, LORD, for an amazing week! I never want to take this time for granted.
Back to my book!


Harris Family said...

Your trip looks like you had a wonderful time! I am so ready for our next vacation. I know the first time we leave the baby will be hard, but so good for us! How wonderful that you guys do family devo time! I love that and I know GOd blesses your time together with Him!

Hillary said...

what a fun time!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

3LittleByrds said...

What a fun vacation and how wonderful to take the time on family vacations to do devotionals. I think alot of people when they take time off for vacation take time off from God. I'm glad to see people who don't. What a blessing.

3LittleByrds said...

Katie, Thanks for the compliments on my kids names. I think they're cute too. Time definately goes by fast with your kids. Seems like my 8 year old was just 3 months. Enjoy Zach every minute because when you blink they're grown. My in-laws got Ansleys bed up north when they went on vacation. I think PA. They were shopping at some small shops and saw it in the window and went in and got it and had it shipped down to Fla.

Dianna said...
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Dianna said...

I found your blog through Kelly Stamp and I wanted to read it from the beginning. I just found out last week that my sister is pregnant after just trying for one month. My husband and I have been trying for 10 months and have had one chemical pregnancy. Reading about your devotional time and how things worked out for you and Jason was nice. Thank you for sharing.

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