Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wild Man

Zach LOVES his new sunglasses that Gigi and Papa bought him in Florida. We even likes to wear them which really surprises me! He usually just throws things he likes. ; )

He enjoys putting things into empty containers or cups and then pulling them out. I handed him an empty kleenex box, and he went right to work putting some cars in it.

Is he cute or what!?

Lately Zach and I have spent a lot of fun times with friends and family (while Jason has been working hard...proud of you, babe!). We went swimming last week with our friends Kate and Norah. Zach is six months older than Norah. Her face was hilarious as Zach splashed and threw ducks everywhere.

I think Zach may have splashed Norah out of the pool. ; )

Swimming fun

Saturday morning we went to the lake, and Zach tubed with Jason. He has done this once before, and I still can't believe he likes it (since he is so young)! He is just fearless. I think Jason just wants Zach to get used to the water before he teaches him to wakeboard. ; )

Zach and Pappy "reading"

We also took a little trip to see my parents and Jason's parents. It may be the last time before Reese is born! Crazy thought.

One night Benjamin came over to play with Zach. They are SO cute, and I love seeing them together. Z was a little wild, but Benjamin didn't seem to mind.

G-Daddy and Zach

Zach loves saying "G-G-G-G-G-Dadda" or something like this. It's hilarious! Now if only he would say his other grandparents' names.

On our way home, Zach and I dropped by my Dad's work to say goodbye. Zach was entertained by Pappy spinning him around in a chair. Of course, he also had a cracker in his hand!

Do it again, Pappy!

He's thinking, "Are you for real!?"
Zach is growing up so quickly, but he is still a baby in some ways. I can't believe we'll have a newborn in about seven weeks! I'm sure Zach will look like such a big boy compared to Reese. I'm excited but nervous at the same time about how in the world I'm going to juggle two kids!?
For now I'm taking it one day at a time enjoying my little son and loving planning for Reese's arrival!

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Mer said...

You are the super blog poster!!! Love all the pics. Pour Reese is all I can say!

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