Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reese's Name Gallery #3

I didn't mean to leave you hanging about the car, I promise! Jason bought a red hummer. The story is I have always loved red hummers. I'm not one to notice cars, but I'm married to a professional car salesman expert. We joke that I don't even know what car I am driving. ; )

It has always surprised Jason that one specific vehicle stood out to me. I never dreamed I would actually drive one. I didn't want it to be the main focus of my birthday though, but just wanted to show how special Jason made my birthday. He's a keeper! The love of my life.

We continue to be AMAZED at the pictures you are sending of Reese's name. Each one is perfect in honoring her and also gives me a little glimpse into your lives. Thank you thank you!

A crown & jewels
Sand (wish I were at the beach right now!)

Her beautiful name in the sky

May the name of the LORD be praised.

Job 1:21


Karla and Edmond Long said...

Hi Katie! I've never commented before, but wanted to thank you for sharing your story for His glory. Your strength (that I know you get from our Lord alone) is just amazing. And your family is just beautiful!

ღJessicaღ said...

I will be making you a name gallary photo soon from Alabama! =)

besnini said...

Katie, as I looked at the picture of the crown and jewels my first thought was "Reese is wearing a real crown". I continue to be encouraged by the strength you are drawing from the Lord. I praise Him for His sustaining grace to you and Jason. What a sweet testimony you are to the Lord's goodness in the midst of trial.

Candy Johnson said...

A RED HUMMER??? Way to go, Jason! How ever will Kyle top that :) What a perfect car for tailgating at Razorback games! I can't wait to see it this December. By the way, Kohen said, "Weese" today. I was on the phone will Kyle telling him how wonderful Jason was to throw you the party (and buy the new car :). We started talking about Reese, and Kohen said, "Weese!" So cute!

Summer said...

Good Job Jason! A red hummer, that rocks! Have ya learned how to back it up yet! Ha! One of my friends has one and it's a beast to back up! :0)
I love the name gallery! Wow it is already snowing somewhere! I am sooo not ready for snow yet!

Brittany said...

What a great car, perfect for a Hog fan!

The first pic is so appropriate because she is a princess, but she is also in Heaven now experiencing all of the crowns, jewels and beauty we only get to dream about! I also like the ribbon pic too because I am sure she would definitely be a bow girl!

Mindy said...

I bet you look fantastic in your new red Hummer! That's awesome!!!

The name gallery is so sweet...I love all of them! What a treasure!

Mer said...

Hey you. Love the name pic with the crown and beads. All little girls love a good crown....Reese has seen a crown more magnificent than any of us will see in this life. I wish we could watch her dancing in the majesty of the Savior. We will dance with her some day, and I know you long for the day. Love you.

rm said...

Ok, so now that you told me the car, that totally explains the look on your face in the one picture where you are outside with your hands over your mouth. I bet you were about to faint! Good thing you're not trying to park it at the Centre Apartments at BU! You better tell J you want to keep this one for more than a year :) Love the name gallery too! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Also-- I read your post about your birthday. I am SO happy you had a great time! I'm not big on birthdays for myself either, however, that was an awesome surprise.

Ps- Gorgeous cake! Wow!

Meredith said...

Oh there are so many creative people out there! I know you will really really enjoy it now and later too! So special! Wow! A Red Hummer!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! I have continued to pray for you for weeks now. The Lord is doing great things through Reese!

Lindsay said...

Oh my word, how fun! A hummer, so awesome! Glad you have so many friends and a great family to celebrate with. Happy Birthday! I really enjoy seeing all the beautiful ways people display your daughters name. May God continue to walk with you, hold your hand, & begin to heal your heart as you continue to draw strength from HIM!
PS...you do have a pretty amazing hubby! :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say big hugs...been thinking about you guys and praying.

Shannon in PA

hi-d said...

That's so awesome about the Red Hummer!

I love how you're continuing to share the name gallery. I think and pray for you often!

Booksh Bunch said...

I was thinking it was going to be a BMW or something:) Never would have thought of a hummer!

The Morris Family said...

I was reading in Ex. this morning and I wanted to share this verse with you, Ex. 10:21-23,

And the Lord said unto Moses, stretch out thine hand toward that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even a darkness that may be FELT

v.23, but all the children of Israel had a light in their dwelling.

Grieving is a darkness that can be felt yet by His grace and power we too can have a light in our dwelling as the darkness seems to encompass us at times, Jesus is in the midst and He is our light shinning. He is glowing from your dwelling, your heart even as you "feel" the darkness. Kate, I have read about many a mom's grieving journey's and there are few that grieve in and with the scriptures by their side, by their heart and thoughts, I am so proud/grateful you know your Source of Hope and Strength even though the pain is almost unbearable, He is bearing it with you!!!


Lauren Kelly said...

I am sooooooooo loving all these pictures of sweet Reese!!!! :)

MammaWarrior said...

Your family is so beautiful and your faith is immeasurable! I too lost my daughter, Grace! I will pray for your family! I am so glad I found you! Many many hugs!

busymom said...

Katie, these are precious! ; )

She is wearing a crown, and you are earning jewels in yours, at this very moment. : )

Still praying for your family,

Erin said...

Love all the different ways to see her name!

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