Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small Group "Sprinkle"

Today after church our small group gave us a "sprinkle" for Reese. It's something we do for the second baby instead of a shower. We all go out to lunch and give small gifts. We had a wonderful time and got so many cute (and needed!) things. Thanks, everyone!

Jason & me

Mark & Abby with Ava Kate

Helga & Adam


Our Zach went to eat lunch and play with our friends Clint and Ashley and their family. We knew he wouldn't sit for two seconds. ; )

Shannon & Cody

Davin & Stacy

Josh, Brody, & Jennifer

Stacy made Reese these onesies and the burp clothes (on the table). Aren't they so cute?

Rachel with two week old Brady

A group pic
**Many of you have gone private, and I would love to still read your blogs. I think I missed the memos. ; ) Will you please give me your email addresses so I can email to ask to be on your lists!? Thank you so much!


Bierman Adventures said...

Katie, I can't wait to see pictures of sweet baby Reese when she gets here! I hear Aug 7 is a great day for babies! =)


Angie said...

So cute! A sprinkle what a great idea, I have never heard of that before. I love your dress, so pretty!!

Jenna said...

How fun is that! I loooove those burp cloths!

Lindsay said...

Where did you get that dress? It is wonderful!

the osbornes said...

Katie, a "sprinkle" is such a cute idea!
We went private. My email address is

Shelli Robertson said...

Katie, you look absolutely gorgeous pregnant. I never looked that pretty pregnant. Congratulations on your upconming arrival. Girls are so much fun. It's especially fun planning their nurseries. Good luck with everything!

Brandi said...

You look great pregnant!! Looks like you got some cute goodies for baby Reese!! What a great group of friends you have!!!!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

you look so cute and what a great idea for a sprinkle!!

i went private too
beccaz79 at hotmail dot com

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