Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pumpkins in Winter

Z got into some cookie cutters and told me he wanted to make pumpkin cookies. So we did!
Looking good so far. ; )
Adding some sprinkles
Somehow we lost our pumpkins! Oh well. We had fun. ; )

The Spirit is the One who gives life...

John 6:63


Dru said...

I made gingerbread cookies with the kids over Christmas break and mine did the same thing! Somehow the gingerbread men turned into big blobs. But, they still got decorated and eaten!


Mer said...

SWEET times!! Hope you are enjoying those cookies about now:)

hi-d said...

Looks yummy...the best part is that if you only want to eat "one" cookie, you are in for a BIG treat! :)

Dianna said...

That is funny but I bet they still taste great!

Sarah said...

Katie, you are such a sweetheart mom! Your boys are so lucky to have you! And we made christmas cookies AGAIN the other day...and listened to music. How can we turn down those sweet requests, ya know? Love that sweet innocence of children! Tell Zach now I want some pumpkin cookies too!

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