Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee & Flat Irons

I love trying out new little coffee drinks in the winter. There is just nothing like it! Yesterday I tried a white chocolate mocha. I don't like actual coffee, but I love flavored cappuccinos. It's crazy.
I will absolutely post my mom's bread recipe, but I want to share something else first.

When several of my friends started using flat irons forever ago, I thought I didn't need to try it because my hair has always been so flat. Which was fine with me. ; ) I had alopecia as a little girl, so I'm really thankful just to have hair.

I also didn't have time to mess with one, had no idea where to start looking, and didn't care enough to spend the money on it. I bought a cheap one to put a few waves in my hair sometimes but that's about all. 

BUT I do love when my stylist uses one when I get my hair cut.

So...when Brian from Hana asked if I would review the Titanium 
1.5" flat iron I said, "Yes!" 
 I was surprised when it came in the mail. There were all sorts of goodies in the box like two cases, a towel, lip gloss, bath petals, hand sanitizer, shine shield, a brush and a few nail files.
I love it and use it everyday. It takes very little time to do, which is good for moms since we don't have much extra time anyway. ; ) 

Hana has a top 10 
Best Flat Irons
 list and sells curling irons and hair dryers, too.

Brian has been wonderful to work with and I'm happy to recommend Hana products to anyone.

Have a wonderful weekend! Colson is with Jason's parents getting spoiled so I'm excited to have some one-on-one time with Zach. ; )

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised...

James 1:12


Courtney said...

This post made me laugh bc my fiancé always tell me I don't like coffee... I like creamer and Splenda!

Brandi said...

I just bought the Hana hair dryer, it's aweseome! I want the flat iron too but I figure I better wait until next month so my hubs doesn't shoot me when the cc bill comes in. HEHE!!!!

Sara said...

I just bought the Hana hair dryer and I really like it! It makes my hair smile. :) I have really been wanting to get the flat iron, but the husband said nope. The hairdryer was my birthday present - maybe the flat iron can be Mother's Day! Ha!

Sara said...

Where did you get that coffee from? It sounds delish! I have curly hair so I have always thought about getting a flat iron, but the thought of how long it would take to straighten my hair scares me. Ha!

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