Monday, August 8, 2011

Suckers, Flowers & Reese's Name Gallery #33

Zach loves suckers. 

He has been on a Dum Dum kick and likes to give one to everyone he knows. He likes to pick out a color to give someone and then says, "Eat it!" Recently he discovered Tootsie Roll Pops which he thinks are big Dum Dums.

The funny thing is he doesn't always want to eat the suckers. He just wants to hold and carry them around. This morning he had four in his pockets when we went to the gym, and they stayed there the entire time.
He is now taking a nap with his four Tootsie Pops. We make him put them in his Mack truck. 
And yes, we are in crib relapse. ; )
Mandy sent me beautiful flowers today. So sweet. I have the best most sensitive sister in the world. 

                                Because he holds fast to Me in love,

I will deliver him;

I will protect him,

because he knows My name.

Psalm 91:14


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love tootsie roll pops!

Becky said...

Tell Zach where I grew up, we didn't have tootsie pops. Whenever my dad would fly back to the States, he always brought some back to us - brown for my brother and red for me. I still love them!

Jill said...

Love that one of Reese, Daughter of God...makes me get the warm fuzzies! I'm missing some Colson these days...But Zach is more than adorable!

Joelle said...

im with you on the crib.. my daughter is 2 and we have one on the way, and Im in NO hurry to get her out of that crib, she sleeps so good now!! Only took 14 months! ha!

Tiff said...

The chocolate tootsie rolls are my favorite. We are putting no time constraints on the bed with T.. I just dont want to set us up for failure.

Melanie Mueller said...

Zach is soooo cute with his suckers. Carter does that with things these days. He has to carry bubbles,gum or candy and has no intention of opening it. Too funny!
I am loving all of the Reese name galleries. So sweet!!

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