Thursday, August 4, 2011

Laughter & Reese's Name Gallery #29

Some things will never get old.
Zach loves Colson and especially loves making him laugh. Although he did ask me if we could leave him at the gym and then the pediatrician's office this morning. We had to have the "brothers are best friends" talk. ; )
He leads me beside quiet waters.

He renews my life;

He leads me along the right paths

for His name's sake.
Psalm 23:2-3


Hillary said...

I love that your house looks and sounds just like mine! Do you sometimes feel too that you need an airhorn or coaches whistle to get their attention through all the noise? :)You have to love little boys!


Kelley said...

Oh those boys! Love it :) Every time I drop my boys off somewhere (and sometimes just throughout the day) I always ask, "You know what brothers do?" and they know to answer "Stick together!" Lovin' those sweet pictures...and you of course...and, well, you know... ;)

Tiff said...

I love that... Brothers are best friends! So sweet and true! Makes me want to have another just for T!

Sarah said...

My oldest just started kindergarten and when he came home one day he was telling me about his new best friend-we had the same "brothers are best friends" talk too!!! His poor little brother was so sad when he said he had a new best friend!!! Boys are so much fun aren't they?!

Dru said...

We just moved to TN and when we travel back to Ga to visit we always pass a bridge that says Reese Rd. I always think of you when we pass it.

Melanie Mueller said...

I could listen to that laugh all day!! Precious!
We have had the brothers are your best friends talk many times!! Someday, they won't need that reminder... right? ;)

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