Friday, August 19, 2011

the Library

This week I took the boys to the library for the first time together. I think I know now why I've waited so long. I didn't really think much about it before we went, but after we left I understood why everyone was so helpful. 

Maybe they were trying to get us out of there. ; )
Zach was wonderful, but his voice is very loud, and libraries are of course quiet. I told him he could check out 5 books, and we left with 10. He kept saying, "WOW WOW! Look at this book." It was so cute. 

He choose books about dinosaurs, snakes, sharks, and insects. He picked out a beach book for Colson, too. Thankfully we did not go near the spider section. ; )

I checked out this book by James Dobson. 
Has anyone read it? I've heard it's great. Not that I have time to read, but I'm really going to try. It's described as helping parents and other role models in "...shaping the next generation of responsible, GOD-honoring men." I love this!

I feel such a burden (in a good way) to be the mom our boys need and learn what makes them tick and what is important to them. I want to guide their hearts to be gentle and loving yet bold and strong. 

I have a lot of learning to do. ; )

I know that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be restrained.

Job 42:2


Michele said...

Hi Katie! I love your selections. Loved Dobson's book for our two boys. If you don't have time to read it, you can always check out books on audio. I am a huge library advocate and that is what I blog about. Would be honored if you came over for a visit sometime!

xoxo michele

the osbornes said...

I LOOOOVED Bringing Up Boys. I can't say enough good things about it. EVERY boy mom should read it. I read it awhile ago when I found out that Sam was a boy (figured with 2 I really need the info!) I've been planning on reading it again!


love this post! and wanted to share that in our libraries i have not ever felt anyone thinking that the kids were too loud. And if they did,I didn't care...wink! I feel like the children's sections were made for the kids (sometime as talkative ones!) to enjoy going there :-)

Hillary said...

I just had to giggle when I saw the picture of the Bringing Up Boys book. I received a copy of it years ago when my oldest was a little boy. Almost 3 boys later I still havent found the time to read it! :) Sadly I'm a prime candidate for reading and just havent yet!

Hope yall have a great weekend!


Maryellen said...

Good for you Katie. Your boys are blessed to have a Mom like you who cares so much about the young men they grow up to be.

Not to mention the blessed young ladies that one day find them ;)

Laura said...

So funny that we both went to the library today - my first time as well ;) Although, I only went because it was Kindermusik & I figured it was ok to be loud!

Definitely, let me know how this book is! It sounds like something I should read as well!

Nicole Rodriguez said...

I have also heard that book is good! I probably should check it out also ;) My boys love the library, but it's an only once an while type of deal for us still too! They get waaaaay to excited! Haha!!!

nicole@ said...

Those are cute books. I have read bringing up girls because I have 2 girls and I boy. Excellent book.

Linds said...

I've brought Brayden to the library twice, and walked out mortified both times. he's a good kid while he's there, but as i like to say "he's not quite library material." LOL. We're working on it.

We listened to Bringing up boys on cd one time on a road trip before we had B. We both liked it. There were some parts I disagreed with a little, more towards the end, where i felt like they might have been justifying rambunctious behavior because "boys need to be boys". Sometimes I feel like people kind of allow things that are not what I consider "normal" just because they have boys... but that's just me, and I seem to be overly sensitive to that, so perhaps I am in the minority. Overall it's a great book though, and I recommend it for sure.

Jennifer said...

We have come to love our weekly trips to the library this summer! Glad y'all survived! :)
I checked that book out to read when Brody was little. I never finished it, but what I did read was great!

Becky said...

I bought the James Dobson book for my daughter who has triplet boys. I figured she would really need it. And she does.

I grew up loving to read but in PR, we didn't have a library. I remember one Summer when we came to the US to visit, my grandmother took me to the one in their town. I never knew there could be so many books. One of my favorite places in our 'hood is our library.

Yeah for Zac! My grandkids would rather be read to than almost anything.

HB said...

Hi Katie--
I've read your site for months and am just now commenting. :) I came here thru Shannon's blog (she and I went to UCA together). I have a six year old son and read Bringing up Boys when he was an itty bitty baby. The book unintentionally made a great case for adopting boys as well as raising our biological boys up right. Loved it! I have twins who are 3 1/2 and we very, very rarely do the library. :)

Kayla said...

A friend of the family had told me that if I ever have a boy I should read bring up boys. I bought this book for a friend that had a boy, She said it was a great book

Melanie Mueller said...

We love the library! So fun to piddle around there. I have that book too. I read it little by little a while back and should probably dust it off and reread it. My boys grow, change and hit a new and unknown stage all of the time so I know what I read then wil l take on some new meaning now. =)

Mer said...

Bought the book....haven't read it yet:) As for the library.....yikes we didn't go once all summer. Love you!

Carolina Girl said...

I'm so glad you posted about the book by James Dobson. Lately, I've been thinking, "now what was that book that my friend who has boys was reading years ago??". I was too lazy to research it and then I was reading your blog and voila', there it was! THanks!

Brittany said...

As a mom of 2 boys - I have a lot of learning to do too!! :)

gretchen said...

Hello. (I'm one of Meredith and Faber's friends from UAMS.) Just wanted to share the best motherhood/parenting book I have found....Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. (she also wrote Ministry of Motherhood, and her husband wrote Heartfelt Discipline...all are wonderful)

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