Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am so glad GOD never tires of hearing our names being lifted up in prayer to Him. How sweet are your words to Him as well as to Jason and me.

It's an honor that the LORD places us on your heart. In the middle of the night, the early morning, throughout the day, when you are with your baby, when you lose your patience with your child, when you hear a certain song or read a verse...thank you for being sensitive to Him. Through your obedience you are helping me slowly heal. Through the Scriptures you give to me, poems you share, even through dreams and visions.

Someone recently emailed, "Those who have loved on your family seem to be guided by God and truly know how to be an extension of His comfort." This is exactly how I feel.

I am also very touched by your children who are praying for us or want to know about our family and Reese. Thank you for sharing Reese's life with your children. I love hearing their reactions to writing her name or their thoughts about Heaven. How refreshing Heaven is through a child's eyes!

Someone prayed this for me ~

Perfect, extraordinary Father,

Coming to You now on behalf of Katie. I don't even know her but feel the depth of her pain; sometimes as if it were my own. Only because we are connected in You would I be able to feel on her behalf. Even when we intimately know the depth of Your love for us, the beauty of Your heart and the surety of Your will for our lives, it doesn't stop us from buying into the lies and burdens that Satan lays on our hearts at tender moments. God, I'm begging You to be a shield of truth all around Katie right now. Lord, just as You're holding Reese in your arms, hold Katie too. Hold her so close that she finds perfect freedom in Your strength. Sweep her away so deeply that Satan's lies shatter against the shield of Your Truth over her heart. I pray against the battle in her life and that Your crazy amazing grace would wash her in the sweetest peace. Even if just for two minutes today, God, give her a moment of complete rest and freedom from the pain of Reese's death. Give her just an ounce in that moment of happiness, joy and sweet surrender. Though I know she knows You are ultimately good, please remind her of Your tender promises in Isaiah 43:1-5. Be over her, raining Your sweet mercies on her head. Be under her, holding her up when her strength fails her. Be through her, giving her the sweet breath of life when her own fails her. Be before her, so that when the lies of Satan blur her steps, she can merely follow Yours.

In Your name, Amen.

Another sweet sister in Christ emailed,

"I will forever stand and proclaim, HE IS JEALOUS FOR YOU! He is
relentlessly pursuing you, and asks for nothing more than your cooperation - He has all the rest figured out already - let Him surprise you; let Him
amaze you; let Him love on you; let Him give you life...to the full!"

Another friend wrote,

"I believe that GOD will impart completion and wholeness to you, nothing broken, nothing missing."

Prayers, words, Scriptures like this you are sharing drive me to my knees in humility.

My amazing family, treasured friends I have known standing by us, new friends I have met through the internet, other precious moms who have babies in Heaven ~ thank you for reaching out. Believing with me. For me. My tears are not in vain. GOD will restore our broken hearts.

For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

Romans 8:24-25


Brittany said...

What beautiful words! What sweet friends! How lucky you are to have both!

Continuing my prayers for you!

Trac~ said...

What a beautiful poem and how PRECIOUS is the picture of the three of you - it breaks my heart but it is such a touching photo. You and your husband are such strong people and amaze me more every day with your strength and faith. Sending a lot of love, hugs and prayers your way! xoxoxo

Karen said...

What a beautiful picture of the three of you. She is truly and angel sent by God. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.


Tristan said...

So glad you are being lifted in prayer..I know you are on my daily list.

And Reese looks so cuddly and beautiful in that picture!

The Morris Family said...

`praying for you.....


Amy said...

What a precious photo of you and your beautiful Reese! Praise God that He knows exactly what we need just when we need it! What a blessing you are to so many...you inspire me daily! Praying for you to feel the sweet arms of Jesus wrapped around you!

Mabe Babe Blog said...

What a beautiful photo to treasure. She looks so much like the two of you, and she could definately feel your love, prayers and wishes for her. God bless you as you heal.

Carla said...

Such a beautiful picture. Thank- you for sharing it with us.

Love and Prayers,
Carla in Columbia, MD

Heather said...

Katie-- Of all the pictures you have posted of Reese, this is my favorite!! I love it! I pray for you continually. Thamks for being my friend!

Annie said...

Oh Katie, you are right, He WILL restore your broken hearts! You just keep believing that!
Praising Him for the way in which He is holding you right now...What love!!! I think of and pray for you often!!!

confessionsofafoodaholic said...

Not only will he restore our broken hearts but He will reunite us with our perfect healthy babies once again!

Kelli said...

The body of Christ beautiful!! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!!

Lindsay said...

How perfect are all of those prayers, poems & thoughts. What a beautiful picture of you 3. You continue to amaze me. Your tears and pain are not in vain. Praying for you always! (((hugs)))

Launa said...

What an incredibly beautiful prayer... she has a gift for words.

Psalm 3:3
"But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head."

Psalm 33:20
"We wait in hope for the LORD;
he is our help and our shield."

Your Godly words are such helpful reminders of how we need to give it all up to Him!

Melanie said...


I tend not to use the word "awesome" except in reference to God or His wonders, but I must say that your photo is absolutely awesome--I can feel His presence in it. It took my breath away the moment I saw it and my eyes filled with tears. But they weren't sad tears. It was the kind of choking up I do when I see the flag at a parade or when I watch my kids participate in an activity. I guess I'd describe them as proud tears, if that makes any sense at all.

I'm proud of the way you and Jason were loving parents to Reese the short time she was on this earth. Lots of people would have focused on their own pain and would have forgotten to cherish those precious moments of her life. I'm also proud of the way you share your grief with all of us in "blogland" and allow us to have a small part in your healing. Most of all, I'm proud of the way you share your relationship with God so others may come to know Him. I have no doubt that many have looked to Him because of you and Reese. :-)

Thank you for being you!

Mindy said...

What a beautiful post. You are so grateful...I am honored to pray for such a sweet, caring mom like you.

I am learning from you. I thank you for that.

Leanne said...

Katie, those words from others are precious, timely, and the very oracles of God.

The picture of you and Daddy with Reese is precious and beautiful. She truly is agelessly beautiful.

May your strength be in Him and may you have peace from constant "if only's".

Shady Lady! said...

Your pictures with Reese are so so beautiful. You have just touched my heart so much with your honesty and inspired me with your faith through this.

Lifting you guys up in prayer!

Dawn said...

Such a beautiful post, Katie. I have never commented before, but felt drawn to today. You are a very special person. What precious pictures of Reese you have. They are heart breaking, but so heartfelt and touching.

Many prayer,


Dana said...

I always check in on you daily. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Your story, your struggle, your testimony is an encouragement to me. That could sound strange almost. But, you amaze me daily with you closeness to the Lord and your knowledge of him. Through your pain, I believe you inspire. You are an amazing person. Bless you and your family. Zach and Reese are blessed to have such a special mommy. :)

KK said...

Absolutely incredible prayers for you and your family. Thanks so much for sharing as you continue to find strength in HIS word.
Blessings and prayers today and always,
Psalm 46:10

Angie said...

Oh im so glad that you have such wonderful friends and strangers to support and pray for you.

I love that picture.

Too sweet for words.

Donna said...

Tears are falling...and prayers are being lifted, Katie...The prayers you shared are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
Sweet blessings to you today~Donna

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Katie, that is the sweetest picture I have ever laid my eyes on! I stared at it for a while, thinking about you and Jason and
Z. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

The Brewsters said...

What a beautiful picture. It brought tears to my eyes the minute I saw it. So many little things make that such a sweet picture. Katie, I think about you and your family every day. I continue to pray for you. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your life; your grief and your joys. Hugs

Bridgit said...

What GRAND words ...amazing prayer!

hi-d said...

You are an inspiration, Katie! Your love and devotion for Jesus pours out of your heart through your blog. What a blessing to have friends and family to surround you and hold you up when you don't have the strength.

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27 (NIV)

Lauren Kelly said...

Sweet, precious, beautiful, intimate, and any other adjective I can't think of right now!!!!!!

Love you, Katie!!!

Sunny said...

That picture along with your friend's prayer gives me the chills. I continue to pray for your protection spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, financially - and pray that the Lord will bind satan far from you and yours.

Summer said...

What beautiful words! That picture of the three of you is breath taking!

You are always in our thoughts and prayers!

Summer :0)

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Katie, Thank you. I come to your blog everyday to read of your love and your keepsakes. And... to share the Psalms and scriptures you post at the end. I was raised Catholic and believe we missed out when it comes to knowing and quoting passages, or at least, I did. I am learning so much from you. The prayers these friends have said on your behalf, inspire me. My prayers are simpler, still good, but I see I have so much to learn. Thank you for your kind words to me. God Bless!

Jess said...

This is a beautiful post. I am so glad you have such an awesome support system, both in real life, and through your blog. It really does help to have people holding you up in prayer, especially in the darkest, most difficult moments. I am so touched by that precious picture of you and your husband with Reese, just beautiful.

Nick, Lindsey, and Anniston Kennedy said...

Beautiful words! The picture is gorgeous too. Your blog is a great testimony to your faith and every time I read it, I am uplifted! You have a beautiful family!

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