Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Favorite Things

My week finished off as good as it began! Don't you just love those weeks? Thursday morning Zach and I met Emily and her baby Hudson to walk at a local park. I met Emily a few years ago, and she just the sweetest thing. Hudson is one week older than Zach. I didn't get a pic of them, but I'll do it next time!
Thursday for lunch I met two amazing women Ila and Summer who I used to work with. We had too much fun working together. The LORD brought them into my life at the perfect time. I just laugh and laugh whenever I am with them.

Ila, Summer, & me

Summer has a precious dog named Jack. Zach loved him! He is so used to Riley that he didn't quite know what this little furry creature was about! He tried to "pet" him a few times, but pinched his skin in the process. Jack was a trooper!

Friday morning I met Stacy to run on a local trail. I am so thankful Zach likes the jogging stroller. I would be in trouble if he didn't! Stacy has been so faithful in meeting me to run over the past few years. Since she is such a fast runner, this always encourages me to pick up my speed! When I was pregnant, I couldn't run so she would walk with me instead. We've also trained and run a half marathon together along with our husbands and two other couples from our church.
Last night we went to a baseball game with some friends. The weather was great!

Me, Stacy, & Abby


Robyn Beele said...

You did have a good week! Zach is a cutie as always.

Kelly said...

Katie - you inspire me with your running - I wish I was that dedicated!
I love that black dress you are wearing at the ball game - SO CUTE!
Ila and my mom were sorority sisters at the U of A. :-)

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