Monday, June 30, 2008


I met Caroline my freshman year at Baylor. She was in a swimming class with Hillary, and I will never forget the first time I met her in my dorm room. She is hilarious, creative, loves life and people. She has such a sensitive heart.

She has told me for awhile that I need to do a tribute to Baylor on my blog, and I have been telling her she needs to start a blog and do her own tribute. ; ) I really just want her to start a blog because I know she would be a comic relief in so many people's lives!

So this post is in her honor. Love you, girl!

Story with this pic...this was taken in front of the "gift/message" board on the first floor of our dorm. If you look close enough you can see our names on the board. We wrote them there because we (and everyone else) loved looking up on the board every day to see if they had received anything. Anyway, Caroline lived on the sixth floor and I lived on the first floor, so after I met her I thought it would be funny to call her room and act like the RA at the front desk to tell her that she had received a gift and to come down to get it. Hillary and I would then go hide in the front lobby to wait and watch. Caroline would walk down six flights of stairs to get her "gift" that was never there. The RA would say that there must have been some mistake. Oh, this was so incredibly funny! We did this a few times before she figured out it must be some sort of joke. Caroline was a good sport when she found out it was us. It was great! Definitely one of my favorite memories with her.

Caroline and I were in the same Tri Delt pledge class, and this pic was taken at our fall retreat. It was a great time to stay up most of the night and eat junk food! My dad also spoke at one of my retreats before we had a worship time. A very special memory.

In this pic we are in our SING costumes for the Wizard of Oz theme Emerald City. SING is a performance at Baylor where fraternities and sororities and other campus groups do different sing and dance acts. Caroline would always say, "Rip your pants!" before each performance. We won our senior year with this act!

After our winning SING performance

Being silly at a dance

Caroline and I also were roommates at Westminster Abbey in London. I LOVED everything about Europe and would go back tomorrow if I could. We went with a group from BU during the summer and were able to go to the British Open and Tour de France. What great memories!

It does not seem like we graduated six years ago, and I'm so thankful our friendship has lasted through the years. It's a honor to be her friend!


Hillary said...

Caroline...if you read this comment you BETTER email me! You have GOT to start a blog, get on facebook, or something! Stop being so stubborn! :)

ashley said...

What FUN memories!!! Miss you Caroline!

Robyn Beele said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Great memories!!

walkers said...

oh my gosh, cracking up. i did not know you and hillary did that, you girls were so naughty...i can remember you coming to hide in my room from certain someones???

Kim and Eric said...

Katie, I found your blog from Kelly's Korner...I was a DDD with y'all at Baylor. Saw Caroline in the post and just had to leave a comment. She is one of the most hillarious people I have ever met! Hope you are doing great! Kim Donkervoet Moore

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