Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Favorite Things

It's only Wednesday night, and my week has been filled with some of my favorite things! Monday afternoon, Zach and I popped in to see Hillary. She was busy working, but took time out for us as always! Thankfully, she works close to my house, so it's convenient to stop in, and I want to see her as much as I can because she's getting married and moving in three months!! But we're not going to talk about it yet...

Zach taking a snooze

Monday night I talked Jason into taking a family trip to Sam's. We love Sam's and used to go just to walk around when we were dating. after two hours and two carts full, Zach was still being wonderful and entertaining everyone who walked by us. Why two carts!? Jason is trying to get me to go to Sam's once a month instead of going to the grocery one hundred times a week to get little thing.

This is a great idea because I hate going grocery shopping. It's working so far because I've only been to the neighborhood market twice this week. Ha! Sam's doesn't have everything, right!?

Tuesday morning I took Zach to the library's little sing-a-long for little kiddos. I know he's just a baby, but he loved it! He just wiggled and watched all the kids doing their motions and jumping around. He loves listening to music, too. I don't have a pic of this though...

I also bought him a baby pool, so we'll be trying it out soon!

Last night, five of us girls started the Beth Moore summer Bible study. Shannon, Hillary, and I are in the pic above and Elizabeth and Shannon in the pic below. I am really excited about this study of "No Other Gods."

I have been staying up so late the past few weeks, so after I watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight (love it!) with Shannon and Cody, I called my friend Laura on my way home at 10:45. I know, crazy, but I knew she would be up and she was. So, I loved catching up with her. It reminds me of my high school days when I would call a friend because I was up late working on homework, and I wanted someone to be up with me!

Today I was given my first blog award. This made my day! Thanks, Robyn! There are rules to passing this on, and I would like to think about to whom I want to pass this award. Stay tuned!

Another favorite thing is my little brown baby and his brown shirt. I LOVE the color brown, and Zach's belly is just too cute hanging out over his jeans.


Hillary said...

I LOVE Zach's little belly! Of course you already know that! I comment on it all the time!
You have had a great week! Me too! I'm glad you've been a part of it so far! Love you!

Robyn Beele said...

I am glad you liked the award!! I love Sam's! Isn't it the best? I could walk around for hours and spend a lot of money. Zach's little belly looks so adorable, he he!!

Shannon said...

Congrats on the award

Kali said...

hey Katie, This is Kali Lamb! I just wanted to say hello. I havent seen you in forever, but it is so great to catch up this way! Zach is so precious!!

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