Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ranch Weekend

We spent this weekend with three of my best friends and their little families. SO fun! We were roommates for two years at Baylor, and oh my goodness I could go on and on about them. They are beautiful, Godly, funny, and get me completely. Our husbands are friends too, which is a big plus! Ha.

We met at James and Lauren's family ranch in Texas. There was so much to do! Swim, fish, ride four wheelers, play tennis. It was just amazing all being together,
Ashley, Lauren, me & Bek
The kids wasted no time hopping in the pool.
I loved seeing our kids together. ; )
Z & Parker
Rebekah made these delicious sugar cookies. So cute!
Bek had to stop me as I started into my cookie to tell me she had iced Reese's logo on it. See it? I knew my cookie was different than the others but I thought it was a nose and whiskers. Ha! It's perfect.
The big boys stuck together. ; )
Zach caught a bass!
There are nine kids so far! 
All of us! So very thankful for forever friends. I only wish we could see each other more. I can't wait to do it again!

In Your abundant, faithful love, GOD, answer me with Your sure salvation.

Psalm 69:13


Mandy said...

So fun!! Neat memories for sure!!

Melissa Abby said...

I love this...it's inspiring me to get my college girlfriends and our families together ASAP! There is something so special about "old" friends that have known us through it all!

Mandy said...

Such a FUN weekend!! I love your sweet friends and that Bek included Reese in the weekend as well. Precious!!

Mer said...

Awww! Such FUN!!! Love it!

ashley said...

It was a blast! I starting thinking the other day that Ben had more to talk about with the other husbands than he does with most guys here. :) You are such a treasure and I loved our roommie weekend together!

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