Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What We've Been Up To

A few more pics from our time with family. ; )
These two cuties are six months apart. ; )

Zach and Abby are something else! It's so fun to see all the cousins' personalities when they're together.
Caroline came to visit while we were with my brother's family. We pledged Tri-Delt together at Baylor and were roommates in Europe. This girl NEVER changes, and I love this about her! She makes me laugh like no one else. David really warmed up to her. ; )
Swimming in the razorback shaped pool
Mere & Garrett

This week has been back to reality! Jason was a chaperone with our church's youth trip last week so I'm happy to be back home together.

I'm still on the hunt for material for Zach's window seat cushions. I love chevron but I'm thinking I may go with big red and white stripes.

Colson's birthday is coming up! I'm so excited but really not ready for him to be three. I'm holding on to all the baby in him I can!

He brought them out of darkness and gloom and broke their chains apart.

Psalm 107:14


Mandy said...

STRIPES?? I didn't think you wanted stripes! I like the chevron.....

Great pics. I will be there next year! : )

Mer said...

I think I like the red and blue chevron! Ha may not be asking for opinions, but you know we have to give them!

Jennifer said...

I love that Mandy and Meredith were the first to give their opinions! Love sisters/family for that reason! :)

Did Jason go to beach camp?? How fun!

Hope you all have a great 4th!

The Rohman Family said...

Colson's still got some "baby" in him :)

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