Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Colson's Party

Colson's birthday party was fun fun fun. I loved celebrating our little man, and he was beyond excited.
My parents were lucky enough to be on water balloon duty. It. Was. Hilarious.
My sweet husband took this picture on the wrong side, but it's a little fishing pole on each cupcake.
Jason's mom working hard. Our parents were SUCH a huge help!
Oh this face!
We are very blessed with such sweet friends. It's amazing how quickly we have multiplied with all of our kids.
Colson felt so special. ; )
The water balloons were a big hit. I don't know why we haven't done this before.
Colson & Wyatt
Water balloon toss
All the younger kids were eager to "help" pick up the balloons after they all popped.
After everyone had left and we were cleaning up, I looked out on our deck and saw this. It made my heart ache and yet I felt special at the same time. The color red symbolizes Reese to us, and I always get one red balloon along with other colors for our boys' birthday parties. 

Most of the other balloons had gone home with all the kids, but this one remained. Silently symbolizing a presence greatly missed and truly cherished.

Colson turning three means Reese has been gone almost four years. Maybe this is why I've been a mess of emotions lately. I love thinking back to the day he was born. Such a wonderful peaceful day.
Colson is now saying, "I'm big now. I'm three." Sweet boy. ; )

You hem me in behind and before, and You lay Your hand upon me.

Psalm 139:5


Tristan said...

aww..what a sweet post. happy birthday to your lil' guy!! those cupcakes are so cute!

Rebecca said...

Hi, what app or program do you use to write on your Instagram photos? I love the look of the fonts & fun colors!

:). Rebecca

Dianna said...

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Praying for you as you struggle with an aching heart.

Mandy said...

What perfect words and what a perfect sign from the Lord. Reese will always be remembered because you are such a great momma to her and your boys.
Praying for you today and always.

ashley said...

FUN party! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall! The single red balloon got me..I know Colson's birthday is so sweet and so hard for you at the same time. I don't have any words...but you are most definitely loved and prayed over.

Kimberley said...

happy birthday to colson! such a cute party! the red photo got me! so incredibly special.

Mer said...

Happy birthday sweet Colson!!!! We love you much!

Cindi said...

Oh Katie this just brings tears. "I'm right here, Mommy!" she says with her red balloon. What an incredible little girl she must be. Happy 3rd Birthday, Colson!! We are half way to 3 with Parker, and it truly blows me away.

Margot said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little Colson! The red balloon brought me to tears as well but it reminds me that as much as her presence is missed, she is so much a part of your family, intertwined with your being. I have not a doubt that she helped bring Colson to your arms safely and that she is watching over you all, every day. Saying prayers for your aching heart.

Allison said...

Looks like great fun and the red balloon gave me chills. What a blessing:)

Anonymous said...

What a FUNNNN Party :) Adorable Family !!

Mer said...

I'm just getting caught up! What a sweet party. Love it:) Love you much and pray for you DAILY!

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