Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Amazing Race in Salzburg

The amazing race was by far my favorite part of the trip with a close second being our run with the HHH. The movie The Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg. I loved that movie growing up!

We divided up into teams and had to find and take pictures of eight different "check points" throughout the city.
And we're off running like a bunch of crazy people. ; ) 
Our first stop was in the Cathedral's garden. Throughout the race I realized we shouldn't have worn our neon yellow shirts/jackets because the other teams could easily spot us! Oh well. I know people wondered who in the world we were.
Another stop was the Staatsbrucke Bridge. My dad wanted us to get in all our pictures, and I just wanted to hurry and win. Ha! I'm so glad looking back now that we are in the pictures.
Mirabell Gardens was our last stop. There were several little men statues but we had to find the one wearing glasses. We came in second but the first team kind of got disqualified because they didn't go in order. Oops. ; ) I LOVED doing this with Jason and my dad.
Of course my dad took amazing scenery pics, too. Things I would never think of. Thanks, Dad!
Jason and I went to Lucerne, Switzerland, after the cruise so that's next!

For sin will not rule over you, because you are...under grace.

Romans 6:14


Kimberley said...

oh stinkin' fun!!! I am loving your recap!!! enjoying all the photos!!! :)

Unknown said...

what an awesome way to experience Salzburg!! the sound of music was my very favourite growing up! thank you for sharing your fun experiences with us!! :)

Christina M. said...

That's such a blessing to be able to see parts of the world with your hubbie. I have never commented but i always read your blog and i find lots of inspiration in the bible verses that you have at the end of your posts. You are a great inspiration with how physically fit you guys are as well. Yesterday was our 8 year wedding anninversary and with three kids we hope to one day be able to see parts of the world together as well. Way to go!

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