Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Thoughts

1. What's not to love about summer? I will admit it was a little adjustment the first week. Z walked around the house wondering what to do but thankfully this didn't last long. There's not much water guns and water balloons won't solve on a sunny day!
2. I think I'm getting later and later in printing out our blog book each year. I received a coupon in the mail so it was just the motivation I needed! It really doesn't take long I just needed to jump in and do it. Whenever I look back through the others I have made it makes me so thankful I did it. ; )
 I was so happy when I saw that you can order medium or large pictures! I have always wished they would offer this choice.

3. I think we'll pretty much be at the pool everyday this summer. It's the first time I've felt brave enough to take the boys by myself. It wears them out, too! Oh my goodness they come home and crash.

4. Several people have noticed how dark the boys are getting, and I think it's too funny since it's only the beginning of summer! 

5. I'm getting so excited about the Race to Remember. I guess "excited" it not really the right word, but I'm just thankful for this chance to do something for Reese with my family and friends.

6. It's Vacation Bible Extreme week at our church, and I'm teaching the three year olds with my friend Candy. It's been so much fun! And a little crazy and exhausting, but SO rewarding!
7. I have some fun giveaways coming up this month!
This is a hint. ; )

Happy Wednesday!

Underneath are the everlasting arms.

Deuteronomy 33:27


Mandy said...

I am looking forward to the race too. Looking forward to seeing YOU!!!

Linds said...

I love that you dress the boys in matching clothes... there's really nothing cuter than brothers in matching outfits :-)

Matthew and Jennifer Smith said...

Where do you get your blog books made?
thanks, Jennifer

Katie said...

I get my blog books made from

Elizabeth said...

Do you find it difficult to configure the pages? I have yet to print my blog out because the pages are so oddly laid out!

Leanne said...

Katie. Just popping in to let you know that I still read your blog faithfully.

I LOVE that family picture of you guys, and Reese right in the middle.

Hope your day is full of rainbows!

Katie said...


It's never been hard for me to configure the pages because on the blog 2 print website you type in the beginning and end post dates for what you want in your book.

That's why I like it! It does it all for you.

Good luck if you try it!

Candy Johnson said...

We made it! Four days of vacation bible school, 3 year olds, swim lessons, and NO naps all week! I wouldn't have rather done it with anyone else! So glad you were with me!

Candy Johnson said...

PS. I'm ready to go on a European tour...I'll need you to escort me though :) LOVE ALL the pictures!

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