Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yesterday I was in a little fender bender. I'm very thankful for three things:

1. No one was hurt.
2. The boys were not with me.
3. It wasn't my fault.

Zach and Colson were at Kids' Day Out, and I had had a wonderful productive morning. With two more hours until I needed to pick them up I was driving along thinking what a great day it was and then WHAM!!! this poor little college guy rear-ended me. Bless his heart.
 He was so nice, and Jason came to help, too. Everything worked out, and I still had extra time before I got the boys. Just a reminder that cars are just "stuff!" Even though it still stinks. ; )

Goodness me. One of our babysitters says this a lot with our boys, so I've started saying it, too. Ha!

Anyway, I guess it matches this little scratch on my back bumper. 

This happened a while ago (I backed into a street sign), and I think Jason is just letting me live with it as a reminder to be more observant. ; )

Ya'll be careful out there!

...his heart is confident, trusting in the LORD.

Psalm 112:7


Sarah said...

Katie, the same thing happened to us a few weeks ago. I rode around with duct tape holding the bumper on...it was very humbling :) I kept thinking about some of the people that my dad ministers to in Africa and was like "these people would give anything to have a beat up minivan." It gave me perspective. You are so wise in finding the good in it all. I love your joy in every situation!

Melanie Mueller said...

Oh bummer! Sure glad no one was hurt though!! (and it helps that it wasn't your fault) Just yesterday, I hit a curb and ruined a tire. Had to get a new one today! No fun! Hope your car is back to normal soon!

Dianna said...

I am glad to hear you are okay! A lady rear-ended me a couple of weeks ago and I was so glad we weren't going very fast and Cooper wasn't in the car!

Becky said...

Our Pastor calls that wrecko-vangelism! He always uses it as a chance to witness! And....he gets plenty of chances.

Tesha said...

Bummer, I am so glad you are fine.

Susan said...

Glad it was no worse than it was. Glad you were not hurt and that the boys were not with you.

Maryellen said...

So glad you are okay. I actually ran into the back of a college kid once. Made a dent in his jeep and he was so kind. He said no problem. Forget about it.
I always remembered his kindness and once a kid ran into the back of me and I was able to pay it forward.

Shelly said...

Hate that it happened! But oh so glad that it wasn't any worse.

Did it happen in Springdale by chance? If so, holler at me at the PD-I'll get you a copy of the report. :0)

So glad your ok and that you didn't have the boys.

Jennifer said...

Glad everyone was ok! Your poor bumpers! ;)

I backed into a Mercedes in Mason's parking lot right before Christmas. I left a huge dent in the car and no damage to mine...of course! :)

Karen said...

I'm glad everyone is ok

Elenie Counts said...

Oh no :( Glad yall are all ok. I love your blog by the way. I'm your newest follower!

Trennia said...

Visiting from Tesha's link up :)
Glad you and the guy involved are okay.

Elizabeth said...

Oh wow...so glad you were okay and that the kids were not with you! We were rear ended last on hour 20 in the car...coming home from a funeral...with our two children in the car. God was looking out for us because no one had a scratch!

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