Monday, April 2, 2012

Race, Riley & Random

It's April!

Jason had his mid-season tennis tournament this weekend, and my parents came up for a little visit so it was nice to have help with the boys. ;)
 Jason & his team
A great group of guys!

Zach's soccer team has been practicing for a month, and their first game is coming up. They are ready (I hope!). ; ) I really wouldn't know because I'm too busy with Colson who likes to pour Gatorade on himself and then takes off for the parking lot! My little wild man.
 My dad and I ran in a race Saturday morning. He ran the half, and I ran the 5K. Short and sweet for me!

I played in my first singles tennis match that afternoon. I lost 6-2, 6-4, but oh my goodness I left my heart, strength, energy, and everything else I had out on that court. We played for almost 2 hours. Crazy!

Our dog Riley had to have a tumor removed from under her eye, but she is just fine now. The vet said it was fairly common for bigger dogs to have this problem. Who knew?

I signed the boys up for swimming lessons in June. I will be in the water with Colson of course, but Zach will have his own class. So exciting! It will be a fun week.

Lots going on at our house, and I'm soaking up ever little moment of spring that I can. ; )

Pray constantly.

1 Thessalonians 5:17


The Anglin Family said...

A 5K and tennis match on the same day? I need to come hang around you for some of your energy;) That's awesome even if you didn't win!

Tesha said...

Look like lots of fun spring stuff going on in your house, I really need to start running again.

Sugar said...

You look wonderful!! And hey--are those different shoes on Jason?! (LOL) So glad Riley is well. We have two GSDs, also. They're the best dogs!!

Fabiola said...

Were the 5k and the tennis match on the same day??! I am so looking forward to go back to running....

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