Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It was such a treat to spend a few days in Dallas last week. Spending time with my sister, mom, and some of my closest friends always does my heart good! I loved having Zach all to myself, too.
 My mom & sis

I shared Reese's story at Mandy's MOPS group one morning. Everyone was so sweet and made me feel right at home.

Mandy had texted me earlier in the week to tell me she was introducing me and that she already had ulcers over it. I just had to laugh. ; ) I know that sounds terrible! Love you, sis!

She did a great job and had me choked up before I even began to speak. She's amazing.
 Meredith, Ashley, and Laura came to cheer me on. ; )
Rebekah and baby Mitchell met us for lunch. He is 9 weeks old and so sweet. ; )
Zach was attached to Abby the entire time as usual, and I love watching them together. She only had to take 4 "breaks" from him. ; )

...none can compare with You.

Psalm 40:5


Mer said...

Such sweet pics of everyone:)

Mandy said...

Still waiting on the shingles to pop out! : )

Love you so. Would do it again any day. Ok. Really I wouldn't but I do love you.

Love that Abby ONLY had to take 4 breaks. At least she let him sleep on her floor! That was BIG! : )

Melissa said...

I think it is so great you share Reese's story with others! I know that is great healing for you and your family! I love that one on one time with my boys too!

Nancy said...

This post made me cry! I miss my sister & I'm all emotional!

Tesha said...

Family is wonderful,your are blessed!

Lauren said...

So glad you got to go to Dallas and speak about Reese, I know you did a wonderful job! OH how I wish I could have eaten lunch with my roomies, that is a great pic of you three! I miss you girls so much! Love you!

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