Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lions, Tigers & Bears

We live near a wildlife refuge that mainly rescues tigers. We've wanted to take the boys for awhile so this fall Jason bought a deal through Living Social. Well, it expired today so last weekend we decided to go after it snowed. Really? Crazy, I know but I was not about to lose our $10 or $15 we saved. ; )
 So we bundled up the boys and off we went on our adventure. Colson looks like such a little man!
 There were several tigers, lions, a bear, a monkey, and a fox. Each one had a story about how they were rescued. I was surprised how many other people were there, too. I thought we would be the only ones.
 We took a tour then watched feeding time. The boys loved it! We just tried not to think about how cold we were. ; )
Happy to check this off my list! Thankful for the double cages between the animals and us, too.

Above all, fear the LORD and worship Him faithfully with all your heart, considering the great things He has done for you.

1 Samuel 12:24


elainaann said...

Can you spend the night in treehouses at this place? I think I have stayed here before. Really neat!

Kim Kauffman said...

How fun! Tigers are awesome but I really love lions. When we were in Mexico one year they had little baby lions and jaguars that you could get your picture with. They were so cute but already so strong with huge paws! Weird to think that a few months later they could eat your head off ha!

Lauren said...

How neat. I'm sure your boys loved it! My little girl would probably have been scared to death (new stage).

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