Monday, June 4, 2012

Spam Slam

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This weekend was Spam Slam. Oh yeah! It's a tennis tournament with Spam as it's main sponsor. Isn't that funny?
It's a big tournament in NWA. They served every meal and had tons of snacks! 

the goody bag
Jason played singles and made it to the semi-finals.
He just started playing in December and was the #1 Seed 3.0 going into this weekend. So proud of him. ; )
Me with our friend Mariko

She is an amazing tennis player. I like to ask her questions hoping maybe some of her talent will rub off on me. ; )
Jason and I played mixed doubles. It was our first time to play together. I loved it, but I'm sure I just kill him. He says I need to work on my reflexes (which have never been great), but to me I'm moving fast! Ha. There were no fights, though and he said he would play with me again, thank goodness.
Sweet friends Marty and Cindy

Cindy is the captain of my team, and Jason and Marty are on the same men's team.

 The boys stayed with Jason's parents since we knew we would be at the tournament the entire time. We also stayed in a hotel close by. I'm so glad we did because we played until 11 pm Saturday night, and Jason played again at 8 yesterday morning. Crazy!

If there is something out there that you've always wanted to try, then go for it! I'm so glad I did. It's never too late and you don't know what the LORD will have just for you.

Hope your weekend was wonderful, and if it wasn't it's a new day. ; )

There is no room in love for fear.

1 John 4:18


Hillary said...

What an awesome thing that the two of you can do together!


Elizabeth said...

How fun!! So did they serve y'all Spam at every meal?

The Anglin Family said...

That looks so fun, Katie! My dad went to school on a tennis scholarship and was a ranked player in Arkansas for a long time, he quit playing quite a few years ago though.:-) He used to beg me to play, and I had no interest. I have wanted to try though as I have gotten older!
You guys both look amazing! :-)
I am pretty sure it wouldn't work out so great if Scotty and I played together! Ha.
I did start couch to 5k:))

The Rohman Family said...

That looks SO FUN. And I can't believe Spam sponsored it. That's just weird :)

Becky said...

You are one athletic group of people!

Linds said...

Drew and I need to start playing together again. I love that yall do such fun stuff together!

Katie said...

That looks so fun! I wish there was a tennis team near me!

Rachelle H said...

Katie, you are beautiful! (inside and out, but you look amazing!)

Kaysie said...

How fun! I grew up in a tennis family (my dad was a tennis pro while we were young), so I definitely know how fun - and what great exercise - it can be! :)

Tesha said...

How fun! You look so fit and beautiful!

Sara said...

That is funny!! I am horrible at tennis but always say it looks like so much fun too play!

Angie said...

I've always wanted to get into tennis. This really makes me want to:)

Ashley said...

Looks like the tennis match was super fun!

I'm Cindi... said...

Awesome advice, Katie. :) Speaking of tennis, my oldest, Jake, is addicted. He picked up a racket at a neighbor's house who plays competitively recently, and he is hooked. We decided to quit playing in our driveway and take him to an actual court this past weekend, and he loved it! So glad you had a great time and Jason agreed to play on your side of the net again. :)

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