Friday, June 15, 2012


I feel the need to get some things out today. ; )

1. I really need to start planning Colson's birthday party, but I just can't seem to get motivated. Hopefully this weekend.

2. I want to get our kitchen table redone. We've had it for ten years, and Shannon and I painted it black several years ago. Now I'm thinking I want it to look like Zach's bedroom furniture. I love Debra's work! She's so talented.

3. I watch Sister Wives. It's just fascinating to me. The Brown family is just so nice I can't help but like them!

4. I am loving playing tennis Wednesday nights. This summer we are playing a little version of Queen of the Court. Everyone plays with different people each week. It's so much fun.
Sara, Amy, Mona, & me
It's such a small world...Amy used to live out of state and read my blog. Now she lives in NWA!

5. I feel so deeply the loss of Reese's presence lately. Somedays I wonder how I even make it through the day. Lots of love and prayers! I fight giving in to darkness daily and love the verse, "He knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with Him." Daniel 2:22

6. Jason and I have been together half as long as we've been alive. Sometimes I still can't believe he's actually mine. So glad I snatched him up. ; )

7. I love seeing Zach and Colson hug and interact and becoming best friends. So precious.

8. We are having a "Reese's Team" t-shirt made up for A Race to RememberI'm excited about it. Don't forget to register if you want to walk or run! We did it just this week. It'll be a hot one!

9. I think Colson is going to be louder than Zach...which I didn't think was even possible.

10. Graham bites are SO good! Thanks, Shannon for making me become addicted to them. ; )

11. Cam and Trish (Jason's parents) have a huge garden, and I love when they give me some produce. Nothing like fresh summer veggies!

12. I really need to branch out in my cooking. I feel like I make the same meals over and over. I wish I could cook like my mom. ; )

13. I love to pray for GOD's creativity.

14. One of my besties Lauren and her sweet little family spent the night with us last night. They do this every year driving through to their family vacation. I always wish they could stay longer.
 15. Yesterday Zach accidentally tore part of a lego book at Lowe's. So $30 and 140 itty bitty lego pieces later, we have a new book!
I actually had fun putting this together. It's crazy. ; )

16. So happy it's Friday! Aren't you?

So we do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen; for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18


ty said...

What exactly is a race to remember? I'm in NWA, and I love finding good reasons to run :)

Mandi said...

Hi Katie! I'm coming all the way from Texas to run in The Race to Remember in honor of our baby boy Cash that we lost in 2007. Thanks so much for sharing about the wonderful chance to honor our babies in heaven. Love your blog!

Bekah said...

I love Sister Wives too....sometimes my sister (as in my actual sister...I'm NOT a sister wife! ha!) and I watch it and chat about it online while it airs. We live 4 states apart, so it's the closest thing to watching TV together we can do. :)

Carolina Girl said...

My confession...someone gave Grady Legos for his bday and I've been hiding them from him! I read "120 pieces" on the box and stashed it as quickly as I could!! Lol!!

Mara said...

I love Sister Wives too! They are SO nice & I feel so bad for them. They just don't fit in anywhere:( (it feels). I try not to judge & I bet that is a difficult life.

I have already planned my 2nd boys birthday, grandparents & the dominos pizza guy! Being a bit lazy bc I am still exhausted from my 4yr olds party.

TY MARLO MIA said...

Hi Katie,
I'm a daily reader of your blog and love reading your thoughtful words and about the crazy joys of brining up your boys (I have one boy and two girls) and your beautiful reflections on your life, relationships and faith. While I have no lost a child, as you have, I could not help but think, after reading this post (and others when you mention that Reese's loss weighs heavily on you)...that I bet she is closer to you in these moments, in fact. In this last post you wrote "I feel so deeply the loss of Reese's presence lately"...I can only think and imagine that in these moments when you miss her most ARE THE MOMENTS when she is NEAREST to you. Yes, she is in heaven but I believe with all my heart that she is right with you and close to you and holding your hand just as a daughter should be, and those moments when you miss her most, I bet it's when she's hugging to you and clinging to you the most. She wants you to know that she misses you too, and just like the song, she wants you to know "I will carry you".
Just some of my thoughts this morning that came to me while I was running. Take care and enjoy this summer with all of your children.

Melanie Mueller said...

So good to confess sometimes. I may have to do a confession post soon.
I can only imagine your grief! You are such an amazingly strong and faithful person. I know you are a strength and inspiration to many others. Praying for you...
Oh and my baby turns three on June 25th and I always start the planning and then somehow get sidetracked and now I am having to crazily get ready for his celebration on Sunday. =)Good thing we are harder on ourselves than they are us!

Summer said...

I am not sure if your gonna believe this sweets, but as I was having chemo this week, a little girl with dark hair was in another room with her mom and her name was Reese! My heart started to hurt and I had tears in my eyes. I instantly prayed for you and your heart! I always think of Reese. I have since the beginning of your story and I always will! I am so glad we have become such good friends although I wish it was on different circumstances! You and your friend are gorgeous and I love she stops by and visits every year, friends are good for your soul! That is amazing that you and Jason are high school sweet hearts! Z and Colson are precious! I love that tennis outfit! So you are loving tennis now? I played like twice when I was tiny and in hs lol, not good at it at all, ok ok I sucked like really bad ha! I love you pretty girl!


Mer said...

I loved this post! Everytime we've talked it's been all about me, and I just realized I haven't even asked about you. Thanks for letting me be crazy me lately. I'm praying for you sis. Miss you like crazy!

The Anglin Family said...

I love this post, Katie. My favorite random thoughts:-)
I cannot believe Colson is so big! I'm loving fresh veggies from the garden too! I can't get enough!
Reese is so loved and I pray for you so often-honestly.
I'm pretty sure my boys have torn up stuff like that once or twice lol!:-))
Boys are lots of fun but they sure are a mess! I love it;)
Hugs sweet friend!

Tesha said...

I am sure it is hard as Reese's birthday approaches. Her birthday is mine so I feel a special burden to pray for you during this time. You are such a sweet strong testimony. You inspire and help so many of us mommies that have know the pain of loss. Hugs my friend praying for you and remembering Reese with you.

Tesha said...

I am sure it is hard as Reese's birthday approaches. Her birthday is mine so I feel a special burden to pray for you during this time. You are such a sweet strong testimony. You inspire and help so many of us mommies that have know the pain of loss. Hugs my friend praying for you and remembering Reese with you.

Jennifer said...

My son is 2, and one of his favorite foods are the CARS graham bites! I really like them too ;)

Miller Family said...

I love Sister Wives too! My BFF and I call ourselves sister wives. It is a crazy life. They are so sweet! They seem sad lately...

Love this post! I'm praying for peace for you. I think about your sweet girl every time I read your blog.

Dianna said...

I too love Sister Wives! I can't imagine that lifestyle but I find it intriguing!

Taylor and Meagan Ethridge said...

Thank you for being real and willing to disclose your "bad" days and struggles. This is too often what I and other women feel that they cannot do and the pressure to remain with a smile all the time. Thank you!

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