Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh My

Colson loves life. And food. ; )

The boys think it's so fun to eat outside these days, and I like not cleaning up inside. Works perfectly!

This cutie pie is getting a hair cut today. Yea! For the first time by someone other than Jason. I'm crossing my fingers it goes well!

 ...the Lord is gracious and compassionate.

Psalm 111:4


Elizabeth said...

Haha...great idea! I need to take mine outside for meals. I've always said that my Jacob could eat a single cheerio and I'd need a broom by the time he was finished. Ironically, his YOUNGER sister can not stand to spill her food, haha.

Tiff said...

Can he please pass along this love of food to T? I love the picture, by the way.

Tesha said...

Great picture, how can kids still be so cute covered in a mess LOL. I can't wait to see his new hair cut :)

The Rohman Family said...

We've eaten on the back porch every night this week! Then just hose it down when we're done.

Melanie Mueller said...

He looks like such a happy, handsome boy!!! Can't wait to see pictures of his new haircut!!!

Ashley said...

He is just darling! My kids LOVE eating outside as well but my seem to make a HUGE mess - let's just say something they think its funny to spill outside :)

Can't wait to see what his new hair cut looks like!

Kimberley said...

sweet sweet baby!

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