Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Summer!

 Colson and Zach have had such a fun year at school. They both have learned so much and done the neatest things. Today was their last day which (according to Zach) means it's summer!
 He helped me make cupcakes for his class party. He had each one picked out for his friends and teachers. ; )
 The boys also helped me pick out their teachers' gifts. Well, sort of. ; ) I tried to think of something I would like, so I bought some small ivy plants and Sonic giftcards.
 I was so happy when I found the little signs at Target. They were only 30 cents each!
 Colson's teachers Ms. Heather, Ms. Rachel, and Ms. Darlene
 Z's teachers Ms. Kim and Ms. Carrie

We have LOVED the boys' teachers. Sweet Godly women. So thankful for them.
Ah, Peanut. Zach wanted nothing to do with her on the first day of school, and then they became best friends. Of course! Too cute.

Let your love, God, shape my life with salvation, exactly as You promised... 

Psalm 119:41


Theresa said...

Such a great picture of you and Zach! Is MDO a nursery school? I see that all of you send your kids there, but we don't have anything like it up here.

Tesha said...

AWWWW how sweet :) I love the idea for the teachers! Those signs were perfect. I know you will have a FUN summer with your boys!

Mara said...

That was so nice of you all to make cupcakes for everyone!! Summer is here for us now too:)

Mandy said...

Summer IS here and Abby just thinks it's hot right now!

Nick, Lindsey, and Anniston Kennedy said...

Your Ms. Heather was my neighbor growing up! She's the sweetest person ever! :)

Summer said...

Holy cuteness! Colson is totally loosing some of his baby legs that I loved so very much ha! When Kelcee lost hers I was like sad ha! OK so they are so so cute and tan! Love it! What a great pic of them with there daddy and can you get any prettier omg! I love those cuppie cakes, what a good idea! Are those gummie savers and lollipops? I will have to try them! Kelcee graduated pre-K today, I cried like a baby lol! So so proud of her! Yay for Z give him a big hug from me!


Melissa said...

Ha Ha!! Peanut. ;) Too cute. I remember when you first wrote about her. They may wind up going to prom together.


Tina said...

What a great teacher gift! I wish I had thought of that!! :)
Enjoy your Summer vacation.

Jennifer said...

The boys look so big!!
Love the plants! The signs are so cute!!!
And we love Ms. Kim! She coordinates child are and FNO for our campus!! :)

Becky said...

I love the ivy and little sign. Why can't I ever find cute things like that at my Target?

Ashley said...

LOVE your teacher gifts, they are so perfect and cute (and who doesn't love Sonic!)

Your boys are darling as ever!

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