Friday, May 11, 2012


I feel like I've been holding my breathe all week. You know that feeling? Jason has been out of town, and the boys and I have had something every night. Our days have been very scheduled, too. I just wanted everything to go smoothly. ; ) 

So now it's Friday, and I'm so thankful we've made it. The boys and I had a fun few days.

Yesterday I even juggled them and Riley at Petsmart. I know that's not a big deal for some of you, but it is for me. Ha!

Last night we went to our second SHARE butterfly release. Shannon and Westin joined us. I'm so glad they came.
Zach is so gentle with his bugs. He had at least three butterflies on him most of the time. We had to convince him to let them fly away. ; )
Colson really didn't know what to think, but he liked running around outside barefoot.
Sweet boys
Shannon and I were laughing about how Westin follows Zach and Colson follows Westin. We are in trouble!

Doing things like this in honor of Reese are becoming a normal part of our lives, and that's just how I want it to be.

I'm waiting for God to make things right. I'm counting on God to listen to me.

Micah 7:7


Tesha said...

What a beautiful way to honor her, I love it. Your sweet boys will grow up with a heart of compassion and tenderness because of things like this. Saying a prayer for you to be really blessed on mothers day!

Mandy said...

Beautiful..just like Reese!

Mer said...

Thinking of you all weekend! I'm thankful you have a tradition for Reese on Monther's Day weekend (is it same time every year?) That pic of all three boys is precious! Love you!

Melanie Mueller said...

I love that you honor Reese in so many amazing ways!!!! That picture of Zach and the butterfly is awesome!! Love the family shot of you guys!! Such a great looking bunch!!
I know those kind of weeks where there is tons to do and you are handling it all with the Hubs gone. My hubby will be out of town this next week and we have lots of activities on the calendar. Fun, Fun!

Lauren said...

The three boy cousins are adorable...I can only imagine what the three of them will get into in years to come!! ;). So fun! I love the way you honor Reese in the sweetest ways, I hope you feel extra close to her tomorrow on Mother's day! Thank you for the verse you posted, claiming that one this week!

Shara said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Zach on the news holding his butterfly. This is such a wonderful thing for families. I'm glad someone thought of doing it.

Brandi said...

What sweet boys!! Your arms are rockin'!!!!!

Ashley said...

What a neat way to honor your beautiful daughter! Love the family picture, you guys are so cute!!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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