Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Something Different

I am so excited about Zach's furniture! We were ready for a change (it was Jason's when he was a kid), so we had it painted white and distressed. Now we're thinking about having our kitchen table done. Maybe to red? It's fun using what you have and just changing it up a bit. ;)

This is another step in his room redo. The white really brightens it up, but I still think we are going to paint the walls a lighter color. 

This spring Jason's dad is going to build a desk, window seat, and maybe some shelves. This kind of gives me the itch to change Colson's room, too. Ha!

This isn't the best picture of Zach's bed, but I was too tired to make it look good. ; )

I've been really sad lately. I miss Reese so much. I never want to gloss over the fact that we have lost a child. That's who we are now. Our reality. Yes, we have joy. Absolutely GOD is faithful and His grace is so sweet. He is definitely enough, but the pain is just sharper right now.

Someone emailed me recently describing the loss I often feel. She wrote, "I think people who say "time heals all wounds" must not have buried a child. Only Jesus heals wounds, and time passed is bittersweet. We are farther from our earthly life with them, and closer to our eternal life with them - but for now, we have neither."

This cute little butterfly cookie came in the mail today from a friend. Such a nice surprise.  What timing! 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6


Kelley said...

I knew there was a reason my heart's been aching. Love you and pray for you. All. the. time.

Tiff said...

Such a sweet post. I've said I think the grief gets harder over time--never easier. But that's just me.

I love what you've done with Jasons old furniture. It gives me hope for BTB's old stuff! :)

The Anglin Family said...

You are in my prayers often...He is enough. It still doesn't take away the pain though. I cannot imagine your pain-
I know how hard the last year and a half has been for us, and I can't imagine how you feel. Know I pray for you alot. Reese is always remembered!
I love Z's furniture. It's perfect!

Allison said...

Praying for you!

Mara said...

Well, I'll definitely say a prayer for you today. I'm sorry you are hurting. Praying...

Heather L. said...

Thinking of you, Katie. I am so sorry you are hurting. I agree with you, I don't think time heals all wounds. I will pray that each day brings you happy thoughts about your precious Reese. Big (((HUGS)))

Ashley said...

Katie, I just love your blog. I love seeing what your sweet family is up to and I love how honest you are about the things you feel. I know God uses you to help people who have experienced the same things. Just wanted to say thanks :) And I think go for it on the red table!

Lauren said...

Hi love! I'm sorry you've been sad lately, it makes me sad to hear that. I'll be praying for you as you dealing with some sharper pains of your loss. God heals, He brings you little pieces of joy during your days of pain. I am praying for those for you. It looks like that cute cookie was a little bright spot in your day! ;) Love the furniture by the way, I have the itch too, in fact, we are ordering Parker's "big boy bed" this weekend. Yes, he'll be three in May and he's still in a crib. Probably shouldn't admit that to too many people. He's just the best sleeper and I haven't wanted to mess with it! Love you, have a good weekend. We need to talk about the DDD reunion, are you thinking about going?

Leanne said...

Katie, I read your blog almost every day. Just want you to know I'm still here!

Girlfriend, my heart is so sore too. I'm not sure what it is or why, but yeah, I totally understand. I just felt compelled to let you know I'm praying for you today. This post really resonated with me.

Jesus Christ does heal the wound, but He leaves the scars so that the comfort we ourselves have received, we can turn around and offer that to others who need that kind of comfort. He allows the scar to remain to remind us, so that we may never, ever forget.

So, be comforted to know that, in another corner of the US, there is someone praying for you!

Take care!

Leanne said...

Katie, here's a PS for you:

Go on youtube and listen to Point Of Grace sing "Heal the Wound". This is one of my very, very favorite songs.

Take care.

Elizabeth said...

I love the furniture!!! I started following your blog when I first got married and I always felt SO sad for you every time I read about Reese. Then I had a baby...and now I can't IMAGINE the pain that is in your heart! I could NOT imagine loosing a baby! I think about you quite often when I look at my baby...and then I say a little prayer for you! I am SOOO sorry for your loss!!!

Amanda said...


There are definitely those days when the pain is sharper. Such words of wisdom from your friend, so true. I overheard an acquaintance talking about the birthday party she is planning for her little boy who is turning 4. My Gavin would have been 4 this April and it made my heart start to ache, my throat tighten, and tears spring to my eyes. I felt his absence so powerfully in that moment. Allow yourself those moments, she is your daughter and she is dearly loved and missed. Hugs to you and I hope the days ahead are a little easier.


Forever missing Gavin 4/7-5/3/08

Melissa said...

I think about Reese a lot. She seems to be in my heart for some reason. ;) I agree, time does not heal a thing. Only Jesus can heal. I am sorry you have been sad lately. That breaks my heart. I am praying!


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Thumpers said...

One never gets over the lose of a child, you learn to cope, and are thankful they are safe in Jesus' arms, but the void is always with you. So enjoy the photos of your adorable boys. God Bless !!!

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