Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Wednesday

1. A few of you have asked me about Jason's exercise schedule. I asked him to do a guest post, but he just laughed at me. I was serious, too! Anyway, I will share my thoughts of course. ; )

When he was training for the NYC marathon, he followed a strict six month training schedule from Runner's World. He woke up in the wee hours of the morning because he didn't want his running to take too much time away from us.

Since the fall he's had a base of 12 to 18 miles which helped him be prepared for LR. Hope this helps answer a few questions!
 2. Twitter sent me an email saying it misses me. Ha! I really did have good intentions, but I felt a little more distracted with it than I needed to be. I hope to come back! We all have our things. ; )

3. Two of our couple friends are moving to our neighborhood. I'm SO excited!

4. Zach and Colson have really started playing well together. There are days when all I feel like I do is referee, but it's getting so much better! Z can be a little too rough, but Colson is a tough cookie. I love watching them together.

5. I'm already getting excited about Easter egg hunts. ; )

6. In the last lesson of my James study Melissa Moore writes, "No one is like Jesus." I love that.

7. This is what happens to a bottle if it's been left behind the crib for 2 1/2 months. Just in case you wanted to know. ; )
Not that Colson still drinks from a bottle or anything.

Happy Wednesday!

See, we count as blessed those who have endured...the Lord is very compassionate and merciful.

James 5:11


Lauren said...

GROSS!!! That bottle could be a science experiment! :) Z and C are the cutest!! Love you!

ashley said...

Are you telling me that the lots in your neighborhood are being bought up before I can get myself and my family up there??? GREAT for you! Hard for me to hear...jealousy stinks!!! :) That bottle is disgusting....looks like one of Rachel's sippy cup straw that I recently threw away!

Donna said...

Love seeing pictures of your boys!

Whew! Just reading that your hubbie runs 12-18 miles--I am already tired! ;)

I loved the quote from your study of James. Did I just miss it or are you following a book or is it strictly the book of James?

Mary said...

Do you want to know why I love this post. The bottle! Everytime I look at your photos I'm like that house is immaculate! Doesn't she have toys....mail...dust bunnies? I love that we are all somewhat alike!!!

Katie said...

Ewww! I hate finding cups weeks later.

Arabelle and Bo are starting to play together a lot more now. Bo comes walking out in tutu every now and then though. ha!

Fabiola said...

Those little (not so little) boys are getting cuter by the day.You will have your hands full in no time ; )

Elizabeth said...

12-18 miles? Whew! I'm not there yet! Not even close! But, you have inspired me to work out and get this baby weight off!! Almost there!! :)

Linds said...

that bottle makes me gag. Did you just toss it?

doyleL said...

I love the picture of your bottle! My sister used to make fun of me for losing sippy cups all the time and then finding them weeks later. Now that she has kids she finds them all the time and just throws them away because they are so gross! :)

Aim said...

oh man. those are the items I find and say, "STINK. Another item in the garbage..." one less thing to clean I guess. unless you cleaned that... ;)

Aim said...

oh and I have a feeling you already have this but one thing that has helped me is the pamphlet called WISE WORDS. It's a calendar looking pamphlet with the issue or sin our kids go through, with the put off verse and the put on verse along with other verses to consider..Helped me a ton dealing with referee issues. ;)

Andrea said...

I'm going through a James study right now, too. I'm so excited about this new adventure!
I also found some bottles in random places which is not a lot of fun! You're boys are starting to look more like each other.

Dianna said...

Gross but funny!

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