Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Rain

We've been doing a lot of this...
 because it's been doing a lot of this!
 Thankfully the boys aren't going stir crazy since we were out of town earlier this week. They've actually liked being inside.
 This morning we went to Sam's. They had all sorts of goodies to taste, and both boys liked the chocolate covered pomegranates. It's probably because I told them they were like M&M's. ; )
Gotta love balloons. Life. Savers. I may or may not have untied them from the freezer door out of desperation.

I can't believe it's Friday!

You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.

Psalm 16:2


Dana said...

Z and Colson are sooo handsome! When I see a picture of the boys I just always imagine Reese right there in the middle of them. I can picture her beauty and joy just beaming from her! Alot like YOU!!!

I hope that doesn't upset you! I promise I don't want it to, but wanted you to know that I think about Reese often. Love you Katie!

Miranda said...

Your little men are so handsome! :) Such happy boys!!!!!

The Anglin Family said...

I love Z's jeans. Looks like Cam's. I swear every pair I buy the boy gets holes in the knees very quickly;) Boys!

Tesha said...

Such cute pics I love them....I am going to do some more Reese reading tonight. I just finished Jonathan's slideshow, we used With Hope also. Many blessings to you sweet mommy.

Allyson Miller said...

I follow your blog regularly and admire your strength with all you've been through. Your boys are just beautiful!! My son is almost exactly Colson's age.

I wanted to know what brand that train track set is -- I just know my John would love it for his birthday coming up in the fall.


Melissa Lancaster said...

I'm a new reader and wanted to say hi! Your boys are adorable and that is one awesome train track! :-)

Ani said...

Never thought I would say this, but I miss Tomas at our house :)
Our oldest was a big fan, but at age 6, he has moved on to bikes, Mario bros and angry birds!

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